Clocks 532-537
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532.     $215

Russell & Jones Clock Co. “Berkshire Drop”, 1890-1893.  Arising briefly from the remains of the Terry Clock Co., this duo offered a variety of clocks before disbanding in 1893.  The Berkshire Drop differs in design from year to year, but offered a thermometer and level in distinction to their other models.  The level at the bottom of this clock is working, not commonly seen.  The thermometer is a replacement.  The 28-inch case is walnut with a lacquer finish, the front glass is new, and the dial paper replaced.  The pendulum bob and hands are correct.  The 8-day, time and half-hour strike signed movement is running, striking on a wire gong.  There is also an alarm which is not hooked up.  A dark label on the bottom.  The bottom-most piece of the base has been broken and repaired more than once.  $225-$275.

Movement     Label

533.     $125

French black marble mantel, ca. 1900.  A 38-lb marble (Belgian slate, really) mantel clock, 16 inches wide and 9 inches high.  There is a mottled marble front behind short marble double-columns with gold and silver incising along the bottom and around the dial.  The painted dial shows considerable wear; there is a beveled glass in the brass bezel. Brass hands and an outside escapement.  No chips, scratches, or discolorations to the case.  The round unsigned French movement is not running although the springs are fully wound.  Clock looks great but you’ll need to do some work to get it running. $125-$175.

Left view      Top view      Movement

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534.     $225

E. Ingraham Co. “Bazar”, ca. 1886.  Ly lists this clock with mantel clocks on page 162 of his book on Ingraham clocks; similar models include the Tontine, Divan, and Warwick.  All have stepped bases and half-hour slow strike 8-day movements, putting them a cut above the average shelf clock.  The 18.25-inch cabinet is walnut and you paid 60 cents extra on an $8 clock for the alarm (as found here) in the 1880’s.  The finish is good with some crustiness in the nooks and crannies. The front glass is old, with imperfections.  The pendulum is correct and the signed movement is running and striking as expected. There is a label on the back.  Several sales of this model on eBay in the last several years, averaging about $400.  $250-$400.

Side view      Movement      Back

535.     $1150

Waterbury Clock Co. “Augusta”, ca. 1893.  Waterbury made a number of open-well wall clocks, this being the second-largest, behind the Atlanta, at 50 inches.  It has a rejuvenated “oak cabinet finish” with side glasses and gilt ornaments; the ornaments are in excellent shape.  There are two long weights correct to this model (the catalog does not show twisted weights with the Augusta) and a Waterbury pendulum bob.  The wooden acorns that should be found at the ends of the winding chains have gone missing.  The dial should be silver but these are typically badly oxidized and discolored, and this one has a new paper dial on an old brass dial pan.  The hands are replacements but are stylistically correct.  The 8-day time-and-strike movement is signed, running, striking a gong above the movement, and keeping time.  A very nice example of this model.  We sold one like this a year ago for $1175 and for $1225 in 2016.  $1150-$1300.

Side view     Movement      Back

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536.     $100

 Atkins Clock Co. cottage clock, 1859-1879.  An uncommon model, 14 inches high in a rosewood veneer that is practically perfect.  The glasses are old, rebacked and looking good.  The dial has been repainted, the hands old and appropriate.  The unsigned 8-day time-and-strike movement is running and striking on cue.  Good label inside. I may bid on this myself, it’s so nice.  $100-$150.

Side view      Interior


537.     $100

French balloon lever clock, ca. 1900.  This 12-inch mahogany clock has a blond wood inlay in three different woods for the scrollwork, leaves, and flowers; there are also small dots of mother-of-pearl or metal around the vinework. The porcelain dial has a filigree inset in a rococo brass sash and a beveled glass.  Good finish all around.  The lever-spring movement is unsigned and running and striking the hours and half-hours on cue.  $100-$150.