Clocks 538-543
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538.     $575

 Noah Pomeroy “Eight-Day Regulator”, 1858-1878.   Although this handsome timekeeper lacks a label there are two examples of this clock in the Antique Clocks Price Guide.  The 38-inch rosewood veneer case has been refinished and looks great; both glasses are old and there is an older paper dial on the zinc pan.  The other two examples also had paper dials but had moon hands rather than the Maltese hands found here.  The unsigned banjo-style brass movement is weight-driven, time-only, with the original pendulum stick and bob.  The weight may be newer, hard to tell.  The clock is running but sensitive to position.  A clean, classic look.  The last recorded sale was in 2017 for $850 at Schmitt’s.  $600-$700.

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539.     $1700

English Eight-bell fusee shelf clock, ca. 1890.  An 18-inch mahogany-veneered case with an unsigned 8-day time-and-strike double-fusee movement, striking the hours on the large bell in back, and marking the quarter-hours on eight bells located above the movement.  You can listen to the three-quarter hour strike here.  The 8-inch painted dial is marked “Keeling, 3 Webber St., Blackfriars Rd.”  There are some nice applied carvings on the front, and two fabric-covered screens on either side beneath brass ring ornaments.  The clock is running and striking appropriately.  $1800-$3000.

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540.     $150

Serpentine Vienna, ca. 1900.  A 31-inch smaller Vienna with walnut sides, rosewood (?) veneer, and ebony trim.  The two-part porcelain dial shows some hairline cracks.  The time-only, spring-driven movement could not be coaxed to run.  A nice-looking piece.  $150-$250.

541.      $400

Two weight Vienna, ca. 1900.  A 43-inch mahogany case with ebony trim and finials. A two-part porcelain dial, no flaws, and fancy-cut hands.  Strikes on a wire gong on the hour and half-hour.  The large pendulum bob and stick look original to the clock; the bob could stand to be polished to take out the scuffs.  Both weights are old and a bit dented at the top (only noticeable up close).  The clock is running and striking.  $400-$600.

Side view

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542.     $250

Seth Thomas Empire No. 64 crystal regulator, ca. 1908.  A higher-end crystal regulator from Seth Thomas, with heavy beveled glasses all around (the rear door glass is chipped in one corner), fluted columns on all four corners and a faux marble finish applied to the base and underside of the top.  The one-piece porcelain dial is decorated with garlands of flowers and is clean and flawless.  The hands are correct.  There is an 8-day round movement with a half-hour rack strike on a suspended cathedral gong; it is running and striking without issue, keeping time.  There is a two-jar faux mercury pendulum. The gold finish on the 11.5-inch tall clock is in excellent shape; perhaps just a touch of polish if you are really fussy.  The faux finish would appear to be a factory special order, as it is appears to be quite resilient and impervious to nicks and scratches. I like the look of this clock.  Not many sales in the Antique Clocks Price Guide, the most recent being at Schmitts for $225 in 2015.  It lacked the faux marble finish on the base and top.  $250-$500.

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543.     $225

Porcelain clock with Ansonia movement, ca. 1900.  This is a very nice porcelain clock with putti in the upper corners and pairs of children depicted on the lower left and right.  It holds an Ansonia 8-day time-and-strike movement but that is not the correct movement; this is probably a British or German clock.  It stands 12.5 inches high with good color and no chips, crazing, or cracks.  There is a signed Ansonia porcelain dial and an outside escapement that is running and striking appropriately.  The bezel could use some polish, but that is about the only issue; it holds a beveled glass.  $225-$350.

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