Miniature Clocks 729-934
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729.     $25

Ansonia Clock Co. glass clock with flower designs cut into the glass. It is almost 6 inches tall, complete and has no chips or other problems. The dial is signed twice, original 3 hands, backwind, running. $50-$100.



730.     $100

Two French carriage clocks. Mini is only 4 inches tall, has five beveled glasses, 30-hour time and alarm, movement signed, “H&H/Made In France”. Not running continuously. Larger carriage is 6 inches tall, 8-day time and alarm, porcelain dial signed “France”, movement signed, “Duverdrey & Bloquel/Made in France”. It runs a bit and quits. Neither have been wound in many years, needs service. $150-$200.


732.     $50

Wedgwood dresser clock standing 6 inches tall, perfect condition, has ivory looking figures on the front and sides. An exceptionally nice clock and it is running. There are also 2 German mini porcelain clocks. Both are very clean, one is back wound and is running. The second is quartz, did not check for running. $50-$100.


738.     $150

French carriage clock, ca 1875. 8-day movement is running and strikes half hours and hours on a coil gong. Porcelain dial and hands are perfect, as are the five beveled glasses. The brass case stands 7 inches tall. It retains the original lever platform movement. An original carriage key is inside. There is no maker’s signature on the movement. The case is slightly dull, probably not polished in some time. $200-$300.


930.     $10

Six alarm clocks, German, French, American. Four 400-day clocks, all running and with domes. Two 2 gallery clocks. New Haven, “12 inch Gallery”, complete and original but no pendulum.  Welch “Thirty Hour Marine”, ca 1855. 10 inch dial. No hands, excellent label.

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934.     $10

Group of alarm and novelty clocks. Big Ben alarm with old original box, both box and clock show age. 3 other Big/Baby Ben’s and 2 mini cuckoo type clocks, like new. None tested.