Novelty Clocks 390-436
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390.     $275

Chelsea Clock Company, Boston, Mass. “U.S. Army Message Center”, ca 1943, issued originally in a phenolic case, but was subsequently transferred to a more useful heavy wood desk stand. It is a strikingly attractive piece, brass on black, with a black dial. This was Chelsea’s second version with a 12-jeweled movement, model 12E, with the addition of a GMT hour hand. The dial is signed by Chelsea and, “U.S. Army Clock Message Center, MI”. The 8-day movement is running and in overall excellent condition. It came to us from an attorney who displayed it on his desk for many years. It is pictured and described in the book, “Chelsea Clock Company / The First Hundred Years”, page 216.  $350-$450.


 400.    $50

“Germany-Stockburger Royal Navy Brass Ships Clock”, on an oval decorative wood mounting plate. The name on the 5 ½ inch metal dial is, “Stockburger / Made In Germany”. It is in excellent condition and the 8-day movement is running and striking on the half hours. The strike can be silenced on the dial. The bezel can be latched on the side. It has a beveled glass in the sash. The clock is like new and probably not very old. $75-$150.


novelty004010.jpg novelty004009.jpg

401.     $75

Shaker coffin clock. The last one I sold was 10 years ago. The 32-inch-high pine case has been nicely stained and has painted designs over the front. There is no cover over the dial, and was never intended there be one. The same with the opening at the base. The 8-day movement is running and striking half hours and hours on 3 gongs. The strike sounds twice on the half hours and twice for each hour on the hour. If it strikes 2 o’clock it will strike the gong 4 times but the 4th ring will sound on the 3rd gong. That is the only time it sounds, at the end of each hour. Why, I don’t know. $100-$200.


418.     $75

Weather set assembled on a board for wall or desk display. The distributor was “Highline West, Littleton, Colorado”, Model No. W530-106. Included in the 5-part set is a large barometer by Howard Miller, a large clock also by Howard Miller, thermometer, a small barometer, and a hygrometer. The 3 small pieces are marked, “Made In France”. The two large pieces marked, “Made In Germany”. The 8-day clock runs and strikes a bell once on the half hour, twice on the hour. The clock bezel was originally hinged but the hinge is broken. You just lift off the bezel. Very attractive but as you know not an heirloom. $100-$200.

419.      $80

Seth Thomas ships clock of some kind. The 8-day movement is running but I cannot make the chime/bell ring. The spring may be broken. It is mounted to a piece of genuine teak from Thailand. It has the strike-silent and slow-fast levers on the dial. I don’t know how close this clock is to being junk, but it runs and it looks nice. $100-$100.

novelty004007.jpg novelty004006.jpg

420.     100

“Trident / Made In Germany”, barometer, clock, ships lamp, all mounted to a display board. The lamp is stamped, “Weems & Plath / Yacht Lamp / No. 07786 / Annapolis, Maryland”. The clock is running and striking ships bells on the half hour and hour. The board is 22 inches wide, 11 inches high. $100-$300.

423.     $25

Lux Clock Mfg. Co., Waterbury, Conn., Syroco cased mantel clock, “Blossom Time”, ca 1928. The design on the dial is oriental with many colors. There is a raised dial, original hands, and key hole by the hand arbor. This model came with a 30-hour or 8-day movement and I am not sure which this one has, so assume 30-hour. It is not running but is complete so undoubtedly just needs oiling. Ly-American Clocks, Volume 3, #902. $25-$50.


430.     $25

Calculagraph Co. of New York, designed by Henry Abbott to record and calculates time from start to finish of a project. You insert a card and pull the start lever to imprint the beginning time and reinsert the same card when you are finished and pull the finish lever. AT&T used it around 1900 to calculate the long-distance charges on phone calls. It was reported that a pool hall used it to record the amount of time a person used a pool table.  I did not disassemble the unit but others report they use a Seth Thomas #110 movement and some say a #10 movement. The case is marked with a serial number, patents, etc. It is in good operating condition. Instructions for Installation, Operation, and Maintenance comes with it. Also, you can get tons of information on line and we noticed they sell regularly on EBay for $150-$300 and more. $100-$200.


431.      $25

“New Haven Clock Co., New Haven, Conn., novelty clock, “Harlem”, ca 1913. This attractive 8-day time only clock is almost 11 inches tall, has a wonderful finish but probably not the ormolu gold plate finish New Haven claims to have put on it. Back wind and set, and it is running. The flat beveled dial, hands, and 3-inch porcelain dial are all original. The dial has a faint hairline, would be invisible is cleaned in an ultrasonic. Ly-New Haven #1884. $50-$100.


435.     $50

6 small metal clocks. L to R, 1. Junghans, time and alarm, running. 2. New Haven, plastic, not metal, not running. 3. Western Clock “Ironclad”, time and alarm, running. 4. Westclox “Ironclad”, time and alarm, running. 5. Phinney-Walker, time and alarm, novelty, running. 6. Desk clock, Germany, novelty, running. $50-$100.



436.     $25

5 Lux cuckoo clocks. 1. Bluebird, missing one weight. 2. 3 roses and bluebird, complete. 3. Red bird, complete, shows some paint loss. 4. 3 roses, bird missing. 5. Bluebird, complete. Did not test for running. $50-$100.