Novelty Clocks 485-732
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485.     $50

2 novelty clocks. 1. Golden Novelty Mfg. Co. man riding a dog, clock is not running, dial signed, case is 9 ½ inches wide, 7 ½ inches high. 2. Sessions Clock Co. miniature tambour clock with 8-day time only movement that is running. Case is 9 ½ inches wide. $50-$100.


486.    $50

3 novelty clocks. 1. Jennings Bros, small metal case only 5 inches high, very good signed porcelain dial, runs a while, needs oiling. 2. Jennings Bros. jewelry case, lift up lid on very nice gold gilt case. Signed dial is excellent, not running, 6 inches high. 3. The Western Clock Mfg. Co. 6-inch gold gilt case, case is still very nice, good dial and hands, not running. $50-$100.


487.     $25

4 novelty clocks. 1. Lux “Medalist” alarm clock, running. 2. Swiss musical alarm clock, it is running, alarm rings on a bell and it plays 2 tunes. 3. New Haven alarm clock, 9-inch nice metal case, very good signed dial, not running. 4. Jennings Bros. desk clock, metal case is 4 ½ inches high, dog resting on top, not running. $25-$50.


499.     $25

German porcelain clock with painted Dutch scenes. The 10-inch-high case is perfect and has no chips, cracks, repairs, etc. The one-day time only movement was used by the previous collector as a decorator item, ran many years ago when he bought it, now needs service. The dial is signed, “Mercedes / Made In Germany”. $50-$100.

novelty008013.jpg novelty008012.jpg

507.     $25

Westclox “La Salle Dura Case 61-F”, 1930-1934.  One of six alarm clocks in the La Salle Dura case series, each in a heavy metal case with nickel plating and art deco dials.  This one is just over 3 inches tall with a good finish and dial.  It is not running.  $25-$50.

Right side      Back

525.     $25

United Clock Co “Lucky” and Lanshire horseshoe.  A chrome horseshoe on a stepped wooden base holding an electric clock, marked “Lucky” at the top of the horseshoe.  The stamped manufacture date inside is 1949. The cord and plug are new; the clock is running and keeping time, 9 inches tall and 9.5 inches wide.  Lanshire Horseshoe Model T3 electric shelf clock, ca. 1947.  A bronze base, 7 inches high and 6 inches wide with two horses in a fenced pasture below the dial inside an inverted horseshoe.  The dial says “Self Starting” with “Clock movement by Lanshire Chicago USA” along the bottom. Typical wear to case, with some corrosion of brass bezel.  Clock is running.  $25-$50.



559.     $75

Seth Thomas “Lodge”, ca. 1900.  A one-day lever movement, time and strike in a metal case, 7 inches high.  The sides and roof are nickel and the front is gilt, but tarnished and worn.  Two side glasses in windows to see the movement and a paper dial, old, darkened, but signed and likely original.  A seconds bit and an hour hand with a missing tip.  The clock is missing the knob to set the time, but we’ll include a key that fits the shaft.  The clock is running and keeping time, but the strike is not reliable.  These come up occasionally on eBay and sell for $100-$200. 

Side view     Movement

novelty008010.jpg novelty008009.jpg

560.     $125

Waterbury “Commodore” clock and barometer, ca. 1929.  Two ship’s wheels holding an 8-day jeweled movement (as indicated on the dial) and a barometer.  There is a mercury thermometer in the middle.  The brass stand is 9.25 inches wide, 2.75 inches deep, and 6.5 inches high, designed to sit on your desk on small ball feet.  The brass finish could stand to be polished, and there are some spots of corrosion, especially on the sides of the supports.  Fortunately, they are not very noticeable.  The silvered dial on the clock shows some tarnish and wear; both dials sit behind beveled glasses. We had the clock running when it was out of the stand, but can’t get it running now.  You wind it by turning the pilot wheel, but I’m not sure which way works.  There is a lever you lift up to adjust the time by the same mechanism.  Not sure the barometer is working fully either.  Well, the thermometer is correct.  $125-$175.

Left side     Right side      Back

711.       $50

4 clocks.  1. New Haven automobile clock. Not running.  2. Carriage clock, 7 inches high. Alarm plays music. Clean and running.  3. Seth Thomas “Homestead”. Extra nice and running.  4. Seth Thomas “Homestead”. Extra nice and running.  $50-$100.

novelty008008.jpg novelty008007.jpg novelty008006.jpg novelty008005.jpg

712.      $100

2 clocks.  1. Ansonia “Crystal Palace No.1 Extra”, ca 1880. Old mirror, statues, and pendulum. Missing the glass dome. Clean and running.  2. French table clock with permanent pendulum. 8-day, time only and running. Includes base and glass dome.  $100-$150.

novelty008004.jpg novelty008003.jpg

731.      $50

Six (6) Lux/Keebler mini cuckoo types, some with animation, moving eyes, bobbing in and out of window, etc. Their names are, “Bird Nest, Bobbing Bird, Little House with Jagged Edges, Bluebird with Three Flowers, and Old Cuckoo Style”. All appear complete and running, but one is missing chains. $50-$100.



732.     $50

Wedgwood dresser clock standing 6 inches tall, perfect condition, has ivory looking figures on the front and sides. An exceptionally nice clock and it is running. There are also 2 German mini porcelain clocks. Both are very clean, one is back wound and is running. The second is quartz, did not check for running. $50-$100.