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Miscellaneous 424-459

424.     $25

Bayer store counter top display dispenser. Metal container is 14 inches tall, 9 inches wide and 6 inches deep. It is coin operated, just insert a quarter and get your aspirins. Key lock with key. They sell on EBay $50 to $100.


425.     $25

“Chloro-mint Tablet” dispenser. Advertised as good for sweet smelling breath. Banishes alcohol, garlic, onion, tobacco, and more. Sponsored by Military Order Purple Heart, for its combat wounded veterans and their families, widows, and orphans. I sure hope they got some of the money and it was not a rip-off like so many of those organizations. Put in 10 cents and get the sweet stuff. Lock and key included. There are two full, unopened boxes of mints, sealed at the factory. I don’t recommend you eat them. $25-$50.


426.     $100

Two antique match dispensers. For one penny I guess you get one match. It is about 16 inches tall, has some of the original paint flaking, has key lock with key, and is operational. I take it back, it would appear you get a small box of matches for a penny. The iron case is extremely heavy, weighted on the bottom. One dispenser does not have a key or the “Matches” painted on the front. $100-$200.


427.     $100

Vintage postage stamp machine for 22 cent stamps, ca 1985. The government had a pretty good thing going with this machine, you put in 35 cents and got a 22-cent stamp. The machine is in excellent condition and has a lock with key. $100-$200.


428.     $75

Antique match dispenser. You get 2 Book Matches for 1 cent, that should last you 2 packs of Camels. It has several book matches inside and I heard coins rattling. Maybe there is a rare penny in there. Key lock underneath, with key. $100-$200.


429.     $175

Cigarette dispensing machine, takes quarters only. It is 28 inches high and 18 inches wide, has good paint all over, complete and operational. Raleigh cigarettes are in the machine at present. $200-$350.


430.     $25

Calculagraph Co. of New York, designed by Henry Abbott to record and calculates time from start to finish of a project. You insert a card and pull the start lever to imprint the beginning time and reinsert the same card when you are finished and pull the finish lever. AT&T used it around 1900 to calculate the long-distance charges on phone calls. It was reported that a pool hall used it to record the amount of time a person used a pool table.  I did not disassemble the unit but others report they use a Seth Thomas #110 movement and some say a #10 movement. The case is marked with a serial number, patents, etc. It is in good operating condition. Instructions for Installation, Operation, and Maintenance comes with it. Also, you can get tons of information on line and we noticed they sell regularly on EBay for $150-$300 and more. $100-$200.


433.     $25

4 barometers, different styles. The one on the left was made in England and may be the oldest, the other three were made in Germany. I don’t know if any are working properly because I know zero about barometers. $50-$100.


448.    $25

Statue of lady and cupid, not sure is French or American. The finish is gone, just a dark copper shaded metal, but very attractive. Would be a keeper if it had a good finish. It stands 20 inches tall, and I see no evidence or breaks or repairs. $50-$100.

449.     $25

Statue of man with sword. Again, not sure if French or American. The finish is dull, statue stand 20 inches tall, complete and original. The sword has a repair. Otherwise no breaks or other repairs. $50-$100.

parts006002.jpg parts006001.jpg

459.     $25

3 clock toppers/statues. You will need to reattach the harp to the one on right, otherwise they are ready to use. $25-$50.