Clocks 521-580
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521.      $150

Brewster & Ingrahams “Four Column Sharp Gothic”, 1843-1852.  A 19-inch steeple with two full columns on each side.  The column finials are a bit roughed up but look original, the veneer is rosewood, dark but mostly complete, and the case itself is probably mahogany.  Metal dial likely repainted, hands not original or period.  Both glasses old, certainly the tablet glass is original – much of the milk stencil has been washed off.  The metal escutcheon is missing but easily replaced by a visit to TimeSavers.  Signed 8-day time-and-strike movement is running and striking a wire gong. Good label inside.  You can find an example of this clock on page 59 of Ly’s book on Ingraham clocks.  A nicer example sold at Schmitt’s in 2016 for $400.  $200-$250.

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576.     $1200

Birge & Fuller Candlestick Double-steeple, ca. 1844-1848.  John Birge and Thomas Fuller worked together in Bristol from 1844 until Fuller’s death in 1848.  This 26-inch mahogany-veneered double-steeple holds a wagonspring-driven signed movement.  It is running and striking on the hour, but we have not gotten it to run for a full 8 days.  One arm of the wagonspring has been repaired.  There are a couple of veneer chips and repairs on the upper door, barely noticeable. The candlesticks look like they might be replacements but they conform exactly to the original design; the bun feet are likely replacements. The dial is an old repaint, the hands correct.  The dial glass is newer, the painted glasses are old, but both are likely repaints. I like that they match.  The only real shortcoming here is the lack of label inside.  The minimum is attractive; we sold a nearly identical candlestick in September of 2015 for $2675.  $1200-$1800.

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580.     $750

Forestville Manufacturing Co. ripple-front “Round Gothic”, 1842-1849.  The torn label shows J.C. Brown on the label under the Forestville name, indicating the period of manufacture.  The 8-day time-and-strike movement is signed “J. C. Brown Forestville CT, USA” and is running, keeping time, and striking.  There’s good and bad here: both glasses are replacements; the dial is original, signed, and very dirty with chipping paint.  The hands are correct but new.  The ivory door handle is original, the ripple molding is in excellent shape.  The finials are probably not original; one may be. The veneer is intact on the sides and top.  I only found three Forestville/JC Brown ripple-front “onion-tops” in the Antique Clocks Price Guide, with the most recent sale at Schmitt’s in 2015 for $1600.  $1000-$1500.

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