Late Victorian Shelf Clocks 48-219
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48.       $150

“Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn.”, one of their earliest City Series clocks, “Cincinnati”, ca 1875. Notice this round top case with straight sides is almost identical to many other cases ST made in those early days. They added the columns and finials and had a new style, using the old style. This case is walnut, stands 16 inches tall, black trim around the base and top and of course the columns and finials that have been repainted at some time. The tablet is a replacement, metal dial repainted, good label, coil gong, old pendulum, and key locking door. There may be a recent cutout for the door latch. The movement is running and striking hours on the gong. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 189. $200-$350.


132.      $650

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. “Amphion”, ca 1885. This clock has the balls on the top ornament, spaces between the side glasses and the door, small attached wood blocks on the sides, and all other ornaments found on the examples pictured by the Gilbert catalogs and Ly-Gilbert.  Walnut case is 25” high, loads of style, carvings and many other types of wood work. Original finish on the case, apparently have not been cleaned to remove the smoke, only polished when needed. The paper dial is new and the hands look to be original. Cut glass mirror panels in sides and base. Fancy pendulum bob with cut glass in the center, lyre hanger, and leaves above the bob. Movement is 8-day time and strike. The movement is signed, running and striking a Cathedral gong. Door glass shows birds and other outdoor scenes. The door glass is near perfect as are the three cut glass panels.    Ly-Gilbert, page 293. $750-$1000.



135.      $125

Sessions Clock Company, Bristol, Conn., metal cased mantel clock, “Diana”, ca 1910. For Sessions this is a large metal clock, 17 inches high and originally with a bronze finish, now dark but still a nice-looking clock. The dial paper was replaced, hands look to be correct, has a brass bezel with flat glass, and a pendulum and key. Not sure if the pendulum is original. Ly-Sessions #423. $150-$250.


147.      $375

Welch, Spring & Co. mantel clock, “Lucca V.P.”, ca 1885. Polished rosewood case is 24 inches high, dark but clean. All the finials look to be original. I just noticed I did not center them very well for the picture. It has a great original finial that only shows on one clock in the books. The three glasses are all original, a complete black label inside on the bottom, and a nickel bell. The two-piece dial is original as are the brass dial rings and two-piece painted dial. It also has the unique 8-day time and strike movement. Ly-Welch, pages 417-419. $400-$600.


158.      $225

Seth Thomas Clock Co. City Series clock, “Greek”, ca 1879. Walnut case is 24 inches high, clean and in good original condition, with no repairs or new wood. It has a side key lock, knob on the door, and original glass. The old black label came loose in the base of the case and is now in an envelope. It can be glued back in place if you so desire. The nice ST pendulum bob, nickeled bell, brass dial rings, and hands, are all original stock. The two-piece dial is signed and surprisingly in very good original condition. The 8-day lyre movement runs and strikes hours on the nickel bell. Some collectors have asked me how the “Greek” could be a City Series model. There are many Greek/Greece named cities in the northeast.  Ly-Seth Thomas #545. $400-$600.


219.      $750

Seth Thomas Clock Co. rare and unusual mantel clock, “Garfield”, ca 1886. That date was stamped on the case back at the factory. ST made the Lincoln and Garfield models to commemorate the only two Presidents to be assassinated up to that time. The case styles are slightly different, but behind the door the internal parts are near identical. We have sold 2-3 dozen of the Lincoln/Garfield clocks and I want to tell you the factory did not use the same equipment on every clock. Sometimes you may have brass weights, a nickel pendulum, brass dial rings, or vice versa. 125 years ago the companies were not hung up on making every clock the same. This clock is correct and all original and the original metal dial has not been repainted which is very unusual as I have often said that Seth Thomas must have used white wash on their dials. The case has been cleaned and polished. The Garfield is 29” high, made of walnut, and has a damascened pendulum, correct weights, hands, and all other accessories. The movement is 8-day, running, and striking on the heavy-duty Cathedral gong. Ly-Seth Thomas, pages 726-727. $900-$1200.