Clocks 201-206

205.            $400

“Limited Edition of 52 Pieces / Aaron Willard / Grafton / Michael Paul / No. 6”, printed on the label of this wall weight clock.  The miniature walnut case is 13 inches tall, weight behind the lower removable panel, brass dial (signed) and bell, and hinged upper door.  It is running and the bell rings on the hours.  $400-$600.



206.            $400

Ives Brooklyn wagon spring shelf clock, powered by a miniature leaf spring.  Birch and walnut case is 8 inches tall, has brass feet, brass ornaments, brass bezel, and brass pendulum.  The clock is running, dial is signed “Joseph Ives / New York”, Label on back says in part, “Limited Edition of 43 Pieces / Miniature / Wagon Spring / Michael Paul / No. 9”.   $400-$600.


204.            $400

Miniature copy of the E.  Ingraham wall clock, “Ionic”, ca 1980.  This one is made all brass and measurers just under 6 inches.  Gold label on the back reads, “Special Edition / 1980 / IONIC / W.M. & C.S.”.  My goodness they went to a whole lot of trouble to make the case in brass, fit two correct glasses, two hinged bezels, pendulum, good dial and hands.  $400-$600.



203.            $100

Miniature German “Freeswinger”.  Label on the back says, “1982 / Limited Edition / Miniature Freeswinger / R. K.  – W. M.  / No. 18”.  The walnut case is 8 ½ inches, side door latch, finials, brass sash and pendulum, and is running.  $150-$300.


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201.            $100

Beautiful made to scale model of a miniature Vienna clock, ca 1981.  Label on the back says in part, “Limited Edition / Miniature Vienna / R. K.  – W. M.  / No. 18”.  The walnut case with black trim is 15 inches, clean and in perfect condition.  Brass lyre pendulum, three glasses, beat scale, brass dial and correct dial and hands.  The movement is running.  $150-$300.



202.            $450

Seth Thomas miniature Office Calendar No. 3, or better known as the Peanut.  Another unusual clock made by Michael Paul.  Label on back says it is No. 4 of 26 pieces made.  The walnut case is 9 inches tall, absolutely perfect, movement is running and calendar is changing, amazing.  $500-$750.