Clocks 207-212

211.            $200

E.  Ingraham Clock Co. “Western Union”, ca 1911.  This one is special because of the unusual advertising on the lower glass, “The National Stockman and Farmer / Pittsburgh, Pa.”.  Both glasses appear to be original and the advertising paint is holding very well.  The near perfect oak case is 36” high, clean and polished.  We bought it with a collection of excellent clocks from a Pennsylvania collector.  Several of his clocks will be in this auction, none have any apologies.  The original dial is signed, has correct hands, and original brass bob on a wood stick, and a perfect label on the back.  The movement is 8-day, time only, and it is running.  Ly-Ingraham #377.  $300-$500.



212.            $150

Ransom Smith, 8-day wooden movement cornice top, short drop shelf clock, ca 1842.  The label reads in part, “R.  Smith, 243 Bowery, New York”.  The mahogany veneered case is only 25 ¾ inches high, has half columns and carved paw feet.  Veneer is good; both glasses are original and have original putty but the bottom glass is cracked behind the paper picture.  It has a complete and clean movement that is operational, pair of large iron weights, old pendulum bob, old hands, and an excellent wood dial.  Very nice clock other than the cracked glass. Ransom Smith was called a clockmaker but primarily a clock merchant.  $200-$350.


210.            $250

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Queen Anne”, ca 1883.  The movement in this clock is 8-day, signed, running, and striking hours on the Cathedral gong.  The damascened pendulum bob and the bell are nickeled.  The door lock is correct, there is a nice original glass, knobs, small finials, spindles and all the other parts to the case.  Inside are a near perfect black label and a beat indicator.  It has a very nice paper dial, signed in two places, and it has the correct hands.  The walnut case is 36” tall, clean and polished and would please any ST collector. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 36.  $300-$500.



209.            $225

French carriage clock, ca 1875.  8-day movement is running and strikes half hours and hours on a coil gong.  Porcelain dial and hands are perfect, as are the five beveled glasses. The brass case stands 7 inches tall.  It retains the original lever platform movement.  An original carriage key is inside.  There is no makers signature on the movement.  The case is slightly dull, probably not polished in some time.  $250-$400.


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207.            $225

Oswald dog made of carved wood.  This is a very early Oswald and the moving eyes are very unusual because they are blue and brown.  It is 7 ½ inches tall, complete, and in excellent almost perfect condition.  The eyes tell the time as they move clockwise.  The metal back plate is inscribed, “Patented USA Aug. 31, 1928 / Made In Germany”.  The one day movement is complete, running, and eyes are rotating.  $250-$400.



208.            $200

Waterbury Clock Co. 8-day oak step back case gallery clock with labels and excellent rubbed out finish that looks original.  Fancy Waterbury hands and a correct 12 inch painted and signed metal dial with slight discoloration but overall in very nice condition.  The glass is old and wavy.  The pendulum movement was recently serviced and is running correctly.  The catalogs show this clock is available with a 30-day movement.  We know of one that sold not long ago for $2000.  This case is 18 inches at the back and is 5 inches deep.  It hurts me to set the minimum this low.  $500-$800.