Clocks 213-218

215.            $150

New Haven Clock Co. hanging clock, the “Saturn”, ca 1911. Single spring movement is 8-day, time only, and running as expected.  The case and all the integral parts appear to be original.  The dial has been professionally repainted.  The hands are original, so are the signed beat scale, pendulum, and both glasses.  Pendulum ball has been polished.       Mahogany case is about 35” high, dark and has an original “Antique Finish”.  It is a nice correct clock Ly-New Haven, page 144.  $200-$400.



216.                   $350   

Wm.  L.  Gilbert Clock Co. mantel clock, ca 1880.  This is one of their high-end mantel clocks, with ornaments and special effects all over the case and a ladies bust on top, and some intricately carved pieces all over.  The 25-inch case is made of black walnut, has burl walnut sections on the sides and base.  This clock has a wonderful finish, and is clean and polished. The case has a new paper dial, good bezel, a special nickel barrel pendulum, and a signed 8-day movement.  All the accessories are nickeled.  I would call the clock mint if not for the new paper dial.  $350-$500.


214.            $150

“E.  Terry & Sons / Plymouth, Connecticut”, stenciled half column and splat case, ca 1823-1831.  This company was a partnership between Eli Terry and his sons Eli Terry, Jr.  and Henry Terry.  The 27” high case is exceptionally clean and nice, stenciling on the half columns is dark, but much better on the splat.  The mahogany veneer is very nice, clean and polished.  There is no evidence it ever had paw feet.  Chimneys and returns are good on the top.  There is no lock in the door, never was, only a latch.  The top glass is original, bottom is a replaced painted tablet.  There is a complete excellent label, very good painted wood dial, old hands, iron bell, pair of old iron weights, and a brass pendulum.  The 30-hour wood movement is in very good operating condition.  $200-$400.


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217.            $150

E.  Ingraham & Co. hanging calendar clock, “Dew Drop”, ca 1909.  Exceptionally nice 24” high case that looks to be walnut but Ingraham calls it Imitation Rosewood.  It has been cleaned and polished, case is complete and it has good glasses.  The paper calendar dial on the old pan appears to be original but is beginning to show wear.  It has good hands, pendulum bob, and key.  Movement and gong are correct.  Books near $500, but that was back in the old days.  Ly-Ingraham #271.  $200-$350.


213.            $150

Wm.  L.  Gilbert Clock Co., an early shelf clock in a very unusual and large case, named simply, “Mantel Weight”, ca 1885.  The walnut case is 35 inches tall, complete, and all original including the very breakable urn finial on the top.  Black paint highlights parts of the case on the sides and the finials on top.  It has a mint and original large painted glass, large pendulum, pair of iron weights, and a one day brass movement that is running and striking a coil gong.  The clock also has an alarm movement and it strikes on a bell.  There has never been a label inside or on the back.  The inside backboard is covered with black paper covered with swirl designs.  I have only sold one other of this model, have seen on the two, so I know it is very rare.  I challenge you to find a nicer one, except for the old paper dial that is aged, but all there.  Ly-Gilbert #1026.  $200-$350.


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218.            $350

New Haven Clock Co. “Column Calendar Clock”, ca 1890.  The dials are both signed, “Manufactured For National Calendar Clock Co.”.  There is no history about this company, where they were located, etc.  Movements were made by the New Haven Clock Co. and some of their clocks resembled the Fashion clocks made by Seth Thomas.  The movement is 8-day, time and strike with simple calendar.  It is running and performing properly and everything is original.  The wood is reported to have veneer imitation graining.  The dials are dark, but then they are black with gold lettering and numbers, therefore dark.  The hands, door latch, brass pendulum bob, and other parts are all original.  Ly-Calendar, page 203.  $400-$600.


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