Clocks 220-225

222.            $275

“Eli Terry & Son, / Plymouth, Connecticut”, 30-hour wood movement, pillar and scroll clock, ca 1823-1831.  This was a partnership between Eli Terry, Sr., and son Henry Terry.  The mahogany veneered case is 31” tall and the case is very nice, as is the dial and label.  As usual the glasses are old but not original to this case.  The bottom tablet is a small painting on a cracked glass with a second piece of good glass in front of it.  The door lock and escutcheon are missing.  Inside is the complete paper label, good wood dial, period hands, old iron bell and old iron weights.  The wood movement is clean and complete, but will need to be restrung before hanging the weights. The top is original but both scroll tips have been broken and repaired.  Some repairs, new wood, and strengthening on the base.  $300-$500.  



223.            $300

Seth Thomas “Carson”, a City Series clock, ca 1884.  The back door has the factory stamp indicating the clock was made August 1884.  The company description of the case was, “sheet brass case, nickeled body, gold gilt ornaments at head and base, and bronze alligator panel”.  There is some wear on the brass, but the nickel and gold ornaments are good except for some minor grunge.  The case is 14. 5” high, free of any damage or repairs and has the original wood back door with a key lock.  French sash with beveled glass over the one-piece porcelain dial and original hands.  The dial is signed, is clean and free of any problems.  The 8-day brass movement is signed, running, and striking half hours on a cup bell and hours on a cathedral bell (gong).  A pendulum bob and key are inside.  We have been a collector of City Series clocks for over 40 years and have owned hundreds but have had hardly any of this model.  The Carson, Dallas, and Austin, are considered by collectors to be rarer than most City Series clocks because of the metal and/or metal ornaments that adorn them.  Ly-Seth Thomas #517.  $400-$600.

221.            $325

“Seth Thomas, / At Plymouth Hollow, Conn.”, excellent stenciled column and splat double decker case with a large mahogany plate 8-day wood movement, ca 1823.  The movement was patented by Eli Terry and Seth Thomas gave him credit on the near complete paper label.  There is more label on the backboard than the pictures depict as the label is very dark.  This mahogany veneered case is 36” high.  There are veneer chips on the corners and one on the lower door and on the base.  The doors have locks but no key or escutcheons.  Both glasses are replacements.  The half columns and splat have good stenciling.  The chimney caps are intact, the hands are period as are the pendulum and iron weights.  It has a rare movement and wood dial and iron bell.  $350-$450.

Interior      Label

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224.            $250

Seth Thomas one of their City Series clocks, “Dallas”, ca 1885.  Not an easy model to find in good condition because it is one of a handful in the series that has some metal on the case, in this example the base has metal ornaments.  Other parts of the case are walnut and the flat section around the dial is burl walnut.  Incised lines on the front are gold filled, and the buttons, finials, and the four feet are all turned.  Beveled glass in the sash, signed porcelain dial, and correct hands.  Full back door has a key lock and a knob.  Signed 8-day brass movement, outside count wheel, strikes half hours on a brass cup bell and hours on a standing gong and it is running.  Factory stamp on the back door, “5881K”, is their code for November 1885, the date the clock was made.  Ly-Seth Thomas #536.  $300-$500.

220.            $250

E.  N.  Welch Mfg.  Co., Forestville, Conn. U.S.A.”, hanging regulator, “Auditorium”, ca 1882.  I have never sold this model.  It is identical to the Welch mantel clock, “Donita” except for the base of course.  The walnut ? case looks like new, clean and polished, complete with no replaced or repaired parts.  The glass is perfect, polished brass dial rings, all metal parts are clean and polished, has two labels on the back, one near complete the other not, the painted dial is original as are the hands and alarm ring.  The 8-day time, strike and alarm movement is running and striking a Cathedral gong and ringing the alarm on a brass bell.  The clock is exceptionally nice.  Ly-Welch, page 218.  $300-$500.

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225.            $275

E.  Ingraham & Co. hanging clock, “Ducat”, ca 1891.  They made this model as a shelf and a hanging clock, identical except for the bases.  The oak case is 28 inches tall, complete and all original, is very clean and polished.  It came to us with a large collection of extremely nice wall and mantel clocks.  The 8-day movement runs and strikes half hours on a Cathedral gong.  They (Ingraham) would sell you what they called a “slow strike movement” for an additional $. 60.  The dial has been repainted; hands were replaced, but otherwise it is correct and original.  This clock has an alarm movement that rings on a brass bell and has a level on the base.  Ly-Ingraham #948. $300-$500.

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