Clocks 226-231

228.            $100

Seth Thomas mantel clock, “Sterling”, ca 1905.  Adamantine covered case is 17 inches wide and 10 inches tall, complete and original.  The black adamantine is dull, metal not polished, perforated gilt dial over the paper numerals, good hands, metal back cover, and correct pendulum bob.  The 8-day movement is running and striking half hours on a cup bell and hours on a Cathedral gong.  This identical clock is not pictured in Ly-Seth Thomas but I have seen a great many Seth Thomas clocks not pictured in any books.  $150-$300.


229.            $275

E.  Ingraham Company, Bristol, Conn. This is one of their Commerce and Industry series, ca 1880’s.  Part of the complete label reads, “Manufactured Expressly for the C.  F. Adams Co. Erie, Penn.  and Branches, by the E.  Ingraham Company, Bristol, Conn. U.S.A.”.  This is the only hanging model of the series, others were shelf clocks.  The oak case is 26 inches long, has pressed designs all over the case depicting men and their various occupations.  It is entirely original including the door glass, dial, hands, pendulum, gong, and the 8-day movement.  It is running and striking on a coil gong.  The only thing missing is the little door hook.  $300-$500.

227.                   $300   

Ansonia Clock Co. hanging, “Regulator A”, with simple calendar, ca 1906.  A very popular model for Ansonia during the early 1900’s. This clock has been cleaned of all the smoke, revealing the pleasant polished black walnut veneer.  Part of the bezel is painted black (original)for accent.  Original “Regulator A” bottom glass, and according to the previous owner it may have a replaced upper glass.  There are no footprints where someone has soldered the tabs.  If in fact the glass is a replacement someone did a fine job.  I believe, instead of installing a new glass they probably added some new putty because the old putty or the tabs were not holding properly.  Pendulum bob, hands, and both door latches are original.  Inside the case is a complete black and gold label, “Ansonia Clock Co., New York”.  Case is 32” high, all original, very clean, and with no problems apparent. Movement is 8-day and running.  Ly-Ansonia #660.  Booked for $650 four years ago.  $400-$600.

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230.            $100

Seth Thomas mantel clock with adamantine finish, ca 1904. The columns are adamantine onyx with adamantine blocks above and below the columns and on the top, otherwise the case is black with incised designs over the front.  There are gilt metal ornaments, bowed glass, signed dial, correct hands and back cover. Incised dial with paper dial on the back.  The movement is 8-day, striking a cathedral gong on the hours and a cup bell on half hours.  The case is 18” wide, complete and original, and there is a complete label on the back.  There are a couple of adamantine cases in Ly-Seth Thomas that look a lot like this one.  $100-$200.

226.            $225

Seth Thomas eight-day steeple clock, “Sharp Gothic”, ca 1879, with a special alarm system, “Winward’s New Eight-Day Railway Alarm Clock”, as copied from a paste over label inside on the backboard.   This identical clock is the subject of an article in the NAWCC Bulletin, February 2000, page 85.  It is an original Seth Thomas made clock with their 8-day time and striking movement, their label and gong.  The extra alarm on-off levers can be seen on the top of the case.  The 21-inch mahogany veneered case is all original and in very nice condition with a couple of small problems, such as a few small paint chips on the original dial.  Otherwise the glasses, bell and gong, pendulum bob, and movements are all original and are running.  We have sold at least one other Seth Thomas steeple clock with this special alarm.  Ly-Seth Thomas #2296.  $250-$400.


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231.            $250

Seth Thomas hanging clock, “Office No. 2”, ca 1884.  An uncommon model specializing in female portraits in the bottom glass.   Seth Thomas used female portraits more than any clockmaker. The good portraits, like this one, have always been sought after by collectors.  I have had collectors to tell me, “if you ever decide to sell that clock please call me”.  Otherwise it is more or less just a short drop clock with some brass decorations around the outside of the case.  It is a walnut case, 26 inches high, clean, complete, and all original.  The brass buttons are dull, glasses are good, pendulum is correct, and inside is a complete black label.  The 8-day movement is running and striking on the hours.  Ly-Seth Thomas, pages 333-334.  $300-$500.

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