Clocks 250-255

252.            $100

George W.  Brown, Forestville, Conn. “Briggs “Rotary”, 30-hour novelty clock, ca 1858.  E.  N.  Welch continued making the identical clock when Brown went out of business. See Ly-Welch, page 245. Wood base is clean and polished, with the original brass feet underneath, and the iron winding wheel underneath.  The dial shows age and darkening, hands are period, silver ball is also proper.  The movement is running.  The brass movement plates are held with screws where the earlier models were held with pins.  The glass dome is original to the clock. It is not signed anywhere.  $150-$250.


253.            $275

Seth Thomas “Parlor Calendar No.  5”, ca 1884.  The walnut case is 24 inches high, polished and clean, and in very nice condition.  The original painted zinc dials have been covered with a clear coat of polyurethane to hold the old paint.   The dials are signed correctly and the hands are original.  Behind the dials is the white label with directions not to oil the calendar movement.  The hands, pendulum bob, glasses, door latch and labels are all original.  The signed eight-day movement is running and striking the hours on a bell.   Note that I forgot to remove the pendulum and key in a cellophane Ziploc bag and it is showing in the picture at the top of the calendar dial. Sorry.  There is however some paint loss on the calendar dial at the 17 thru 19 date.  Ly-Seth Thomas, page 106.  $300-$500. 

251.            $200

Vienna regulator, one weight, time only, ca late 1800’s. The 8-day movement is signed, “H E Co. ”, it is clean and running.  The two piece porcelain dial is perfect, and it has three correct and elaborate hands.  The 50 inch walnut case is excellent and has many sections of the case and 6 finials painted black.  There are three good glasses, original brass pendulum ball and wood stick, porcelain beat scale, brass wall levelers and brass pulley.  This is a fine but simple clock, one you can hang in the guest bedroom and let it run for it will not wake up the in-laws by chiming every 30 minutes.  $250-$350.


jul17_all_3008003.jpg jul17_all_3008002.jpg

254.            $350

Seth Thomas Clock Co., “Parlor Calendar No. 3”, ca 1876.  The 8-day upper movement is running and strikes a brass bell each hour.  The calendar movement is operating properly. The dials have been repainted and look great, better than many ST dials we see.  The walnut case is 27” high, nice all over and has been kept in great condition with no wood or darkening problems.  Surprisingly, the rounded bezels are very nice as they usually have some chipping or missing pieces.  On the inside of the door is a full black paper label.  The two glasses are good, key lock on the side is complete and working properly.  Ly-Seth Thomas, page 105.  $350-$500.


250.            $100

Seth Thomas mantel clock, “Cambridge” one of the College Series, ca 1900.  The walnut case is 23 inches tall, complete and original.  It is dark, never cleaned of the accumulated smoke, etc.  It has the standard ST pendulum used on those clocks, brass bell for the alarm to sound, brass leader and dial rings, old dial and hands, and an 8-day time, strike and alarm movement that is running and performing properly.  Inside is a complete paper label.  Ly-Seth Thomas #2260.  $150-$200.

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255.            $150

E.  Ingraham Clock Co. hanging, “Western Union, ca 1907.  A clock most collectors call a “store regulator” or “shop clock”.  It is made of solid oak, stands 36” high and is complete and sound except one of the corner pieces on the top needs to be turned slightly.  Not damaged, you can see it in the picture.  Certainly not a big deal.  Original calendar dial, hands, brass bob and wood stick, original upper glass, bottom glass is doubtful, and a  signed 8-day brass movement.  It is running and complete with all the calendar gears.  The case is slightly darkened, but would need very little effort to get it in good shape.  Ly-Ingraham #293.  $200-$350.

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