Clocks 256-261

258.            $100

“Terry & Andrews, East Bristol, Conn.”, steeple clock, ca 1849-1850.  Mahogany veneered case is 20” tall, original glasses, door latch, and pointed finials.  Finials are not so pointed anymore and the veneer on the top point is a little ragged, otherwise the case is like you would expect to find on a clock over 160 years old.  Original painted dial is superb for its age, good old hands, coil gong, old pendulum bob, complete paper label and a 30-hour movement with brass springs.  The movement is signed “Terry & Andrews / Bristol”.  This clock has the alarm ring in the dial and a large alarm movement positioned on the base of the case.  $100-$200.



259.            $500

American 8-day tall case clock ca 1791-1809.  The clock is attributed to Major Timothy Chandler of Concord, Conn. The mahogany case is 92 inches tall, 3 finials on top, and 2 key locking doors.  The case appears to be all original but the 3 finials need new to be glued or screwed to the bonnet.  The painted iron dial is in good original condition, has no name on the dial or movement and the three hands are original.  The 8-day brass movement will need to be restrung and serviced before hanging the pair of heavy iron weights.  It has the correct pendulum and iron bell on top.  The movement is attached to the original seatboard.  $750-$1500.


257.            $100

Waterbury Clock Co. wall timepiece called the “Commodore”, ca 1897.  This clock was not pictured in any clock books until Tran Duy Ly published his Second Edition, Volume 2, of the Waterbury clocks in 2013.  That book was one of many clock books this gentleman published.  If not for his research and photos a great many clock folks, including me, would have floundered in the sea of thousands of different clockmakers and clock models.  This oak case is about 29 inches tall, with a 12 inch dial, and an 8-day time only movement.  The pendulum has an added hook to attach to the suspension rod, and it is broken also.  The dial has been enhanced all over and chips painted in.  On the back are two excellent labels.  Ly-Waterbury #2683.  $125-$250.


jul17_all_3009003.jpg jul17_all_3009002.jpg

260.            $300

American weight banjo, ca 1859.  8-day weight driven movement is not signed but the painted dial is signed, “D.  L.  Jenkins 1859”.  There was a D.  Jenkins clock dealer in Vermont during that period.  Mahogany case is 31 inches tall, and has had a lot of joints glued and more need to be. Most all early banjos have been restored or need to be.  This one is no exception.  The painted dial appears to be correct but there are several extra holes around the edge so who knows if original to this case, hands are correct, pendulum parts and the weight are correct.   We did not hang the weight to test for running.  If you like to restore old clocks this is a challenge.  One good thing, the mahogany case is exceptionally nice looking and the clock is complete.  $400-$600.


256.            $100

French marble clock, ca 1890.  I could not get a good picture because the marble is so black.  Perhaps you can see the porcelain dial and the gold chimney bases, two on each side. The sash is holding a flat glass that has a small chip over the number 10, there is a good one piece porcelain dial with metal center, and a correct pair of hands.  On the back is a brass door.  Inside is an 8-day movement signed only, “Medaille D’Argent. It has a correct French pendulum and a standing coil gong.  $100-$200.

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261.            $350

French Empire style table clock, ca 1880.  This is an elaborately decorated patinated bronze and ormolu, Gothic style mantel clock.  The case stands 19 inches high and overall is in good condition, just needs cleaning.  The elaborate dial surround, porcelain dial, original French hands, and an attractive brass pendulum make up the accessories to the wood and bronze case.  The twisted columns have inlaid brass wire all around.  The bronze capitals and bases are also exceptionally nice.  The pendulum is exceptional, nice nickel bell, round 8-day French movement that is clean, running and striking half hour and hours.  The movement is not signed nor is the dial.  $400-$600.


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