Clocks 262-267

264.            $350

French 2-piece porcelain clock named, “Old Paris”, ca 1865. The 8-day mound French movement is signed, “Gilbert E. A.  Paris”, and it has the typical makers circle with a name in it that I cannot read without taking the clock apart.  No Thanks.  The clock is 18 inches high, has no big problems just the usual small hairlines in the porcelain and the dial.  The 8-day silk thread movement is running and striking a bell attached to the movement.  The dial has a small chip at the strike arbor and some unappealing hairlines.  The hands are correct, so is the pendulum and winding key.  Overall a very eye-catching clock that collectors wish for.  $400-$750.



265.            $175

Ansonia Clock Co. porcelain clock, ca 1905.  White case 12 inches high, with blue flowers and gold highlights.  Beveled glass in the brass sash, signed two piece porcelain dial that is excellent, original hands and open escapement mechanism.  Metal cover over the movement opening, brass pendulum bob and key.  The signed movement runs 8-days and strikes half hours and hours on a standing gong.  $200-$350.


263.            $350

Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. “Ithaca No. 7 / Shelf Cottage”, ca 1874.  Walnut case is 22” high, complete, original, clean, polished, and in excellent condition.  It has the original back with small remnants of the label.  It has the correct and original 8-day movement, calendar movement, coil gong, and nickel pendulum bob, the one with the correct wire hook.  The dial pans are correct, both covered with old paper dials, but may have been repapered years ago.  Ithaca dial papers most always get changed several times because they are so easily available.  The roller papers are dark and original, and the three hands look to be original.  Ly-Calendar #342.  $500-$800.


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266.            $250

Ansonia Clock Co. Royal Bonn cased clock, ca 1895.  They made very few of these unusually shaped porcelain clocks.  This one is 15 inches tall, complete and original, has no breaks, chips, etc.  Light colors, baby blue, white, gold highlights, and some small colorful flowers.  The brass sash holds a beveled glass, original hands on a one piece porcelain dial, signed twice.  On the back is a hinged metal cover, red Royal Bonn insignia, brass pendulum bob and key.  The signed movement runs 8-days and strikes a standing Cathedral gong on half hours and hours.  Ly-Ansonia #2625.  $300-$500.


262.            $250

“Monkey Business”, made by Junghans, Germany, ca 1920. We have sold similar clocks in the past.  The monkey is holding a book in his lap, and his eyes and jaw move up and down slowly as the time only 30-hour movement runs.  There is a line that runs up from the movement to the jaw and eyes.  The cast metal case is 9 ˝ inches high.  It will run a bit and quit.  Will need to be serviced.  $250-$400.

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267.            $175

Ansonia Clock Co. porcelain clock, “Rustic”, ca 1901.  It is decorated with flowers on the front and sides.  Primarily the case is green, some gold accents and the colorful flowers.  The case is 11 inches high and 12 ˝ inches wide.  Beveled glass in the brass sash, two piece signed porcelain dial, correct hands, and an open escapement mechanism.  The case is signed on the back and has the brass cover over the movement opening.  The 8-day movement is signed, running, and striking the Cathedral gong on half hours and hours.  It has the pendulum and a key.  Ly-Ansonia #2573.  $200-$350.


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