Clocks 502-509
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502.           $100

French ? barometer-themometer. This collector worked all over the world in his lifetime and brought back many foreign clocks to the USA. This mahogany case is 38 inches tall, has the original bowed glass, dial and hands. Regulates by turning the finial on the bottom. Thermometer dial is dark because it was never covered like the barometer dial. I am guessing it is signed on the bottom of the dial. Tubes full of mercury and other items inside the door on the back. It is complete and should be operational. $200-$300.


503.           $50

Mission clock, ca early 1900’s. The oak case is 20 inches tall, complete, clean, and polished. The 8-day movement is time only and running. All the brass numerals, hands, pendulum, and buttons on the case front are present and accounted for. Not signed where visible. I did not remove the movement box to check for a maker. $75-$150.


504.           $150

Seth Thomas Clock Co. hanging, “Eclipse”, ca 1890. This “no name” clock was not given a name until recently, and only then because of the name “Eclipse” cast on the pendulum bob. Most everyone calls it a “hanging balltop”. Whatever it is, ST made it special for someone or some purpose. All the cases have a special label with a serial number on the door. This is the only model of the hundreds they made that had a special label with a serial number and it just made me out a liar. This is the first case I have seen that did not have that serial number. This walnut case is as nice and clean as any I have sold. It is 27” high, complete, original, and in immaculate condition top to bottom. It has a partial label inside, correct “Eclipse” pendulum bob, original dial and hands, 8-day movement, coil gong, alarm movement and brass bell, and a near perfect glass. As good as they come. Ly-Seth Thomas #1057. $200-$400.


505.           $50

New Haven Clock Co. 30-day banjo, “Washington”, ca 1923. This unusual styled banjo is solid mahogany and standing 41” high. It has a double winding movement and a gong apparatus way down in the bottom. The NH catalogs do not show a striking model for this case which leads me to believe this may be an 8-day movement with strike. I don’t think a 30-day movement would have a strike. Either way it is an all original clock, the case has not been cleaned and retains the original dark crusty finish. Both glasses are original, as is the eagle, special pendulum bob, gong, and a complete label on the back. There are no hands, dial, or metal cover over the movement on the back, and the eagle needs to be glued. This case with the octagon top is the only banjo they made with that design. Ly-New Haven #221. $100-$200.



506.           $50

Howard Miller ships clock, model No. 612-447. It is running and striking ships bells on the hours and half hours. Like new very clean and polished case, sits on a wood display block. The dial is about 4 inches, is signed “Howard Miller / 11 Jewels”. $50-$100.


507.           $75

New Haven Clock Co. hanging clock they called “Wood Lever”, ca 1880’s. Most of the green label remains on the back. The glass is a replacement, mahogany veneer is a little ragged on the back edges of the case. Old dial and hands, has seconds and slow/fast adjuster on the dial. 8-day time and strike. Strikes a bell on the hours. Dial is 8 inches, case is 11 inches. Kind of a strange case, I suppose the previous owner added a hanger and a bezel release, from some wire. It is what it is. Did not want to run but strikes. Been in the attic for 20 years. Did not see this model in Ly-New Haven. $75-$150.


508.           $50

“The Horolovar Flying Pendulum Clock / Ignatz / The Craziest Clock in the World”, ca 1970’s and made in Western Germany by the Horolovar Co. of the Bronx, New York. The original clock was made by the New Haven Clock Co., under the Jerome and Co. name, for about a year, 1884. In 1935 it was given the name “Ignatz”, by Dr. H. G. Rowell, because it reminded him of Ignatz, the mouse, in the old Krazy Kat comic strip. This clock is like new, running, and doing its crazy thing. $100-$200.


509.           $50

“The Horolovar Flying Pendulum Clock”. Same as #508, in good condition and running. $100-$200.