Clocks 510-519
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510.           $75

New Haven Clock Co. “12 Inch Gallery”, ca 1920. They advertised they would finish it in white enamel for extra cost, this one is finished in black enamel. Excellent 12-inch dial is signed two places, has the original glass, bezel lock on the side, original hands, but no pendulum. Strikes on a coil gong. Ly-New Haven #657. $100-$200.


511.           $150

French Bakers clock, large and very heavy. It is 22 inches high, heavily decorated with mother of pearl, wood inlays, etc. Beautiful dial surround and case decorations. The inner portion of the dial where it is signed is also very nice and the hands are original. The dial is signed, “Du Bois A Rives”. The wood case is old but in excellent condition and it has the large Morbier type movement. The pendulum and key are in the case. The top lifts up from the bottom to access the movement. There is a hook to hold the top to the case. The movement is running and striking each hour. $200-$350.


512.           $75

Seth Thomas Clock Co. hanging “Wood Lever”, ca 1913. 13” mahogany veneered case, no frills or ruffles, just plain. Brass bezel with a flat glass,10” painted dial is signed, and the hands are original. On the dial is a seconds dial and above that a slow/fast adjuster. The dial has some paint chips mostly where fingers rub, in the one and 7 o’clock areas. Double wind, time only lever movement should run 8-days. The catch holding the bezel to the case is missing. It is running.  Ly-Seth Thomas #1183. $100-$200.


513.           $75

Desk thermometer in a brass case with easel stand. It is 8.5 inches high, clean and complete. Dial is signed, “Manufactured For Fairbanks & Co. by the Standard Thermometer Co, Peabody, Mass. Patented 10 Nov. 1885”. The gauge is Fahrenheit and in good working condition. With it is a piece of advertising for this thermometer, probably cut from a newspaper or magazine.  $100-$200.


514.           $50

Hanging thermometer in a black painted metal case, 9 inches in diameter. It is an advertising piece for, “S. D. Kiger & Co.” in Indianapolis, Indiana. $50-$100.


515.           $50

Ansonia Brass & Copper Co. mantel clock, “Cottage”, ca 1880. This is one of their earliest miniature clocks. The mahogany case is 12 inches high, has two good glasses and a door latch on the side. Excellent painted dial and old hands, complete label inside, also pendulum and key. The 30-hour movement is running. $50-$100.


516.           $50

“Abbeon Relative Humidity Indicator”, usable in temperatures up to 230 #F. The brass case is 6 inches, dial perfect, everything like new, probably is. $50-$100.


517.           $50

“Stormoguide Junior The Weather Advisor”. Boy if that instrument is accurate you will never need to watch the weather on TV. $50-$100.


518.           $50

“The New Haven Clock Co.”, automobile clock. The case is 4 inches, dial 2 ½ inches. It does not act like it wants to run. $50-$100.


519.           $50

French desk clock, 7-inch-high wood case, part painted black, part natural wood. The pendulum is permanently attached and is running. Dial and hands are original. The movement is signed, “V. A. P. Brevete S. C. D. G.”. $50-$100.