Clocks 520-528
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520.           $50

Carriage clock in nickel case standing 7 inches high. Dial and movement are signed, “CB” or just “B”. Dial has seconds dial and alarm dial. Alarm plays music. Music box is in the base. Movement is very nice and clean and running. Original key is stored on the back of the latching back door. $75-$150.


521.           $25

Terry Clock Co. miniature case clock with time and alarm feature. The case is 6 inches high, crust black finish, brass bezel is dingy, has a flat glass, and two dials inside, time dial and brass alarm ring dial. The hands appear to be correct. The movement is running. I called it a Terry but there is no signature on the dial and I cannot see the movement. $25-$50.


522.           $25

Two Ingraham tambour clocks, one is complete the other missing the back door. I just tried winding one and dang near lost a thumb. I will not be winding any more of these low-end junk clocks. Both have complete movements and pendulums and all the other things a tambour is supposed to have. Both cases are super nice, clean and polished. $50-$100.


523.           $250

French table clock with permanent pendulum. 8-day movement is time only, running, and is not signed on the back plate or the dial. Not a bad looking small clock from the front but on the back there is evidence where the case was glued at some of the seams. There is a good amount of brass accessories, bird on top, feet, trim around the case. It has a very nice porcelain dial and French hands. I later found a wood base and glass dome that goes with this clock. All in excellent condition. $250-$500.

With base and dome


524.           $25

Seth Thomas mantel clock, “Prospect”, ca 1917. The 10-inch mahogany veneered case is very crusty, has never been cleaned, now almost black. Hinged brass bezel with convex glass, original dial and hands. On the back is a hinged door allowing access to the 8-day time and strike movement. It is running and striking half hours. Ly-Seth Thomas, #1664. $50-$100.


525.           $25

“The Columbus Clock”, first introduced in 1892. Made of carved and stained wood, it is a one hand, one day weight driven wall timepiece with wood movement. Has iron weights, and a lot of cord. This is an old and dirty example, the front plate is split and will need to be glued. Later in this auction will be a relatively new Columbus Clock offered. $25-$50.


526.           $250

Ansonia Clock Co., “Crystal Palace No. 1 Extra”, ca 1880. This is the latest of four No.1 Extra models made by H. J. Davies and sold by Ansonia Clock Co. and the American Clock Company. The gilded metal figures are the Hunter and Fisher. Between them is an old original mirror and a Davies patented pendulum. This model is 17” tall, and is missing the glass dome. We have sold Ansonia domes in past auctions and I am told you will see one at auction occasionally. I know that Timesavers used to sell them, not sure if they still do. The movement is 8-day, signed by Ansonia, it is clean, running, and strikes a nickeled bell. Undoubtedly the clock has been thoroughly cleaned, and all parts look almost new. The minimum leaves you plenty of room to buy an appropriate dome. Ly-Ansonia, page 95. $300-$500.


527.           $25

Seth Thomas Clock Co. banjo clock, “Homestead”, ca 1953. Perfect or near perfect clock. This key wind movement is running. Mahogany case is 24” tall, excellent colored glass panels, top and side ornaments in polished brass, and on the back is the winding key. Ly-Seth Thomas #187. $25-$50.


528.           $25

Seth Thomas Clock Co. banjo clock, “Homestead”, ca 1953. Same as #527. $25-$50.