Clocks 529-536

531.           $75

Ansonia Clock Co. hanging (kitchen clock) “Caldera”, ca 1906. One of 6 clocks in their Hanging Assortment, No.4, all named for countries north and south of our border. The oak case is 26 inches, original and not in bad condition, just a little dusty dirty. Everything is original, glass, pendulum, gong, dial, hands, bezel, and 8-day movement. It is running and striking a signed coil gong. Ly-Ansonia #737. $75-$150.


532.           $300

“E. Howard & Co., Boston 23”, eight-day marine clock, ca 1889. It is way far too nice to be that old. It is almost perfect. It is not signed anywhere except the movement. I was about to insinuate it may be Chinese because it was not signed. I relented and pulled the dial to find a perfect signed movement and it is running. The nickel-plated case is 10 inches and the dial is 8 ˝ inches. I don’t believe I have ever seen a nicer marine clock. It was so bright and clean taking a good picture was difficult. This is a keeper. Ly-American Clocks, Volume 2, #430. $300-$500.


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533.           $100

Ansonia Clock Co.  “Regulator C”, ca 1906. The oak case has been cleaned of all finish. In my opinion it needs some light stain before polishing. It has a lot of possibilities because the old dial is so nice and is signed in two places and the hands are original. The pendulum is also correct. The clock is all original excepting for the finish on the wood. The movement is 8-day time only and running. Ly-Ansonia #657. $100-$150.

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534.           $150

New Haven Clock Co., Time-Piece Regulator Calendar named, “Bank”, ca 1911. The solid oak case is 33” high, complete and in excellent condition. Although the designs around the case edges were pressed, not carved, they do add a good look to the case. There is a partial paper label on the back, original glasses including the “Regulator” design, correct brass pendulum bob, and a very good original painted metal dial that is signed two places. The three hands are original. The 8-day time and calendar movement is correct and functioning properly. Ly-New Haven #611. $200-$350.

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529.           $50

Modern cuckoo clock with a lot of action from the various figures. It is all there and running. $50-$100.  


530.           $50

E. N. Welch Manufacturing Co. Forestville, Conn. “Thirty Hour Marines” octagon lever clock with round corners-their words, ca 1855. Mahogany case is 12 inches, dial is 10 inches. Some corner chips on the veneer, dial is basically good but heir is some minor loss above the 12. Looks like someone put tape on it then pulled it off-with the paint. No hands, seconds hand is a replacement. Excellent label on the back. Ly-Welch, pages 128-129, and others. $75-$150.


535.           $25

5 small wooden desk clocks, all made by Seth Thomas. They are 4 to 6 inches tall, 4 of the 5 have all their winding stems, one doesn’t. All have good dials, bezels, glass, and hands. None are running. $50-$100.


536.           $25

6 alarm clock types, all different makers, 1 is German, 1 is French, 4 are American made. 5 of the 6 are complete, 1 is missing the winding stem. None are running. $50-$100.