Clocks 537-577
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537.           $25

Terry Clock Co. iron case, 9 inches tall, complete, has good black paint, brass bezel, glass, new paper dial, and old hands. Has about 75% of the label on the back. The 8-day movement is running. $50-$100.

538.           $25

“Electrical Bank Protection Co.”  It is running, but what is its purpose? $50-$100.


554.           $50

German oak wall clock, complete with removable top, 6 finials, glass, and brass pendulum. 8-day movement is running and striking properly. $50-$100.


555.           $50

2 – 400 day clocks, both running. They are signed by their makers and Made in Germany. The domes are original as are the clocks. $50-$100.


556.           $50

2 – 400 day clocks, both running and have good original domes. Made in Germany. They are signed on the movements. $50-$100.


557.           $50

2 – 400 clocks, both running, and have the original domes. Made in Germany. Signed on the movements. $50-$100.


558.           $50

Columbus clock, a different version than the one pictured at #525. I have had these before and it is easy to attach the rope over a wheel. The two rocks act as weights to run the clock. $50-$100.

562.           $50

Columbus clock. See #525 for description. This clock appears to be complete. Easy to assemble and get running. $50-$100.


563.           $25

Seth Thomas case only, “Column”, ca 1865. It has nice stenciled columns, good glasses and a few veneer chips on the mahogany veneered 25-inch-high case. $25-$50.



577.           $25

3 very nice clock cases, L to R. 1. Gilbert Manf’g. Co. “Coupon”, ca 1879. One of their early cottage clocks either 8-day or 30-hour. 2. Atkins Clock Co. cottage clock case, 10 inches high, probably time and alarm. 3. New Haven “Washington” model. The identical clock to #505 in this auction but missing the movement and throat glass.

I later found the dial, movement, pendulum hanger. I don’t know if he had repaired the movement, or what was going on, but those items are now with the case.