Clocks 578-589
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578.           $25

German ? wall clock, contemporary but age unknown. I cannot find weights for the clock, don’t know if it takes cuckoo weights or another style. The case is 24 inches high, appears complete except for a pendulum and weights.

With weights


583.           $50

Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn. one of the first City Series they made, the “Chicago”, ca 1874. The rosewood veneered case is excellent other than I suspect, a new bottom glass. This model has always been one of my favorite City Series clocks. Partial label inside, very nice glasses, correct hands, and coil gong. The original dial has some light flaking. 8-day movement is signed, running, and striking correctly.     Ly-Seth Thomas, page 188. $100-$200.


584.           $50

Seth Thomas miniature clock called “O G Kitchen”, ca 1863. Slightly different from what we confuse with an OG. It is flat around the outside edge of the case, and the door. Veneered section between the flats angle inward toward the door. This clock is an untouched and completely original 30-hour early model. The mahogany veneered case is 17” high and very nice except for some hauling scrapes on one side. Original reverse painted tablet has very few paint flakes, original top glass, and dial and ST hands. The dial has what is normal for ST dials, some flaking. This rare model is time and strike. It strikes a coil gong. The movement is running. Complete label inside with a Thomaston address. A nice all original clock. Ly-Seth Thomas, pages 651. $75-$150.


585.           $50

Junghans, Germany, shelf clock, ca 1920’s.  Mahogany case is 11 ½ inches high, has ripple molding around the base, brass bezel with convex glass. Silver dial has black filled recessed numerals, hands probably replaced. The 8-day movement is running and striking a large standing gong. The movement is signed and the pendulum is correct. $50-$100.

586.           $25

E. Ingraham & Co. mantel clock, “Octagon Doric”, ca 1880. The mahogany case is 16 inches tall, bottom glass, dial, and hands are replaced. One day movement is running and striking, pendulum and key enclosed. Not a bad little clock except where noted. $25-$50.


587.           $100

Seth Thomas “Boat Clock”, ca 1922. The measurements and description fits the Boat Clock in Tran Duy Ly’s books but I am not sure that it may not be another of his ships bell clocks. It is double wind, time and striking ships bells on half hours. The brass case is 7 inches, flanged front and back, 6-inch silvered dial with Arabic numerals, hands are suspect. Clock is running and striking. Someone made a nice box for this clock to hang in. Ly-Seth Thomas #2569. $150-$300.


588.           $50

German shelf clock, ca late 1800’s. Nothing is signed, movement, dial, or case. On the back are some markings that may identify the maker. A crown, letters, numbers, etc. The nice mahogany case is 14 ½ inches high, gold painted molding around the base and glass, door latch on the left. Access the pendulum from an opening underneath the case. The painted dial has some minor flaking around the arbors and screws, hands possibly original. The 8-day double wind movement is running and striking a coil gong. $50-$100.

589.           $25

2 clocks. Howard Miller short drop “schoolhouse” clock, and a Seth Thomas “Preston” electric time and striking tambour style mantel clock. The ST is running, did not test the Howard Miller but it is all there. I am guessing it needs work on the movement for when the Penske truckload of clocks and stuff arrived the clock was scattered in several different boxes. $25-$50.