Clocks 633-639

635.           $150

Seth Thomas hanging, “Ship’s Bell Lever”, ca 1884-1900. Brass case is 10 ˝ inches high, bell is losing its plating, case also has wear and scratches. Silver dial has minimal wear, is signed, has correct hands and the bezel is hinged on the left. The one day movement is running and it strikes “eight bells”, same as they are rung on board ship. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 755. $200-$300.



636.           $75

“Birge & Fuller / Bristol, Conn. / U.S.A.”, signed on the 30-hour strap brass movement in this OG cased clock, ca 1844. No label in this case. It is operational and strikes on a coil gong. The wood dial has some stretch marks across the middle. It has a pair of old iron weights, an old brass pendulum and winding crank. The mahogany veneered case stands 30inches tall, clean and nice with minimal scrapes and hauling bruises. Door latch on the front of the door. Both glasses are old but I cannot swear they are original to this case. They could have been removed when the case was cleaned. $100-$200.


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637.           $125

“Manufactured by Atkins & Downs for Mitchell & Atkins, Bristol, Conn.”, column and splat case with a 30-hour wood movement, ca 1831. The case is 32 inches high, has faded gold on the half columns, plain splat, and other wood parts on the top. The door has a key lock with key and ivory escutcheon. Both glasses are original with all original putty. Complete label inside with minor loss, iron bell, pair of iron weights, brass pendulum, super nice wood dial and period hands. The wood movement is operational with weight cords. $150-$250.


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638.           $125

“Improved Eight Day Brass Clocks Made and Sold by E. N. Welch, Forestville, Conn.”, one of the earliest clocks sold by the E. N. Welch Company. It was a holdover from the inventory of J.C. Brown purchased by Welch in 1855. As you know several other companies sold an identical cased clock. They called it simply, “Column”. The previous collector was cleaning this clock and did not get it back together. It appears to be complete except for the pendulum, key, and one pulley cover on top of the case. It is immaculately clean and nice. Far nicer than it should be to be over 160 years old. Ly-Welch #332. $150-$250.

Backboard      Parts

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633.           $50

Waterbury Clock Co. mantel clock, “O.O.G. Spring”, ca 1883. The rosewood veneered case stands 19 inches tall, just a great looking clean and polished clock. Door knob, bottom tablet is a picture behind the glass, original painted dial is very nice, and probably replaced hands. Inside is most of a paper label, old pendulum bob, one day movement that strikes on a coil gong, and an alarm movement that rings an iron bell. Ly-Waterbury #1451. $75-$150.


634.           $50

Ansonia Clock Co. “Octagon R.C. Lever”, ca 1894. This is an 8-day, double wind lever with an 8-inch dial. The dial is signed and on the back is a substantial part of a label. The movement runs 8-days, no strike. It tries to run but needs oiling. Has been hanging in the 3rd floor of this collector’s home for 20 years or more. Ly-Ansonia #705. $100-$200.



639.           $200

 “Birge & Fuller / Bristol, Conn / U.S.A.”, empire cased clock, ca 1843. These two men were in business together until the death of Fuller in 1848. This clock has their revised 8-day strap brass movement without the side extension. The large 34” high mahogany veneered case has large columns and a cornice, generally very good veneer all over, however you may find a good veneer repair and a chip on the bottom board, and the usual corner nicks. Considering its age, the veneer is very good. I don’t know how to explain the bottom door and glass. The way the curtain ? is installed and the age of the backing, and not knowing any better I could almost call it original. The top glass and the mirror are both very old and could be original. There is a complete paper label on the backboard. The wood dial has held up well, it has old hands, two original door latches bottom only partly there, a pair of large period iron weights, and a period pendulum bob. $300-$500.