Clocks 640-645
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640.           $75

“Jerome & Co. / New Haven, Conn., / Thirty Hour”, OG case with a brass 30-hour movement, ca 1855. Many of these clocks made with this label were shipped to their company in England, a few marketed in the USA. The mahogany veneered case is 26 inches tall, complete and original. The door has a latching knob and two original glasses. Inside is a complete label, coil gong, brass pendulum bob, a near perfect painted metal dial, old hands, pair of old iron weights, and the unsigned brass 30-hour movement. $100-$200.



641.            $125

 “Pratt & Frost / Reading, Mass.”, looking glass clock, ca 1832.The wood dial is excellent and it has a correct pair of old hands. I am not sure if the wood movement is 8-day or 30-hour. There is a pair of square period iron weights, one weighing 5 pounds the other 4. The top glass is held with original putty, while the mirror is no doubt a replacement. There is an old iron bell on top of the case for it to strike the hours on, and a brass bob that is correct. Mahogany veneered case is 35” high, in very nice clean condition overall, half columns and splat, chimneys and returns. The columns and splat are black. Were they ever stenciled?  Case is clean and in very good condition. Note that is wood movement is larger than others we have been showing and the escape wheel is inside the front plate. I cannot get a good picture of the label but about all you can read is, “Improved Clocks Manufactured By Prat”. The only company he was connected with that used this wording on the label was Pratt & Frost. $150-$300.



642.           $100

Column & Splat, 30-hour wood movement shelf clock, ca 1830? Not signed anywhere so the maker is not known unless you can determine from the movement. 32-inch-high mahogany veneered case, with stenciled half columns, not stenciling on the splat. Key lock with key and ivory escutcheon on the door. Replaced brass pendulum bob, both glasses replacements, correct pair of iron weights, iron bell, and a super nice wood dial and period hands. The dial is a little thicker than any I have encountered. The movement is operational. $125-$250.



643.           $150

“Daniel Pratt, Jr. / Reading, Mass. / 1838”, I would assume that is the year it was made since it is printed on the complete inside label. The wood dial is excellent, has a correct pair of old hands, 30-hour wood movement, and a pair of weights but not a match. The top glass is held with original putty, while the bottom glass is a replacement. There is an old coil gong to strike the hours, and an ornate brass bob that is correct. Mahogany veneered case is 33 inches tall, has full columns on the bottom, half columns on the top and cornice top. Both doors have brass escutcheons and locks. Case is clean, the veneer is extra nice and in very good overall condition.  $200-$350.



644.           $75

Column and splat shelf clock, ca 1850. The 8-day movement is not signed, there is no label in the case nor on the back, the tablet is a replacement and it is broken, and one return is missing. Now other than that it is an alright clock. The large painted zinc dial is very nice for its age, the top glass is original, there is a wood door knob latch, old brass pendulum bob, old coil gong, 8-day brass movement, a $68 (plus shipping) pair of large iron weights, and a nice 31-inch-high rosewood case. $100-$200.



645.           $100

“E. N. Welch Mfg. Co. / Forestville, Conn. U.S.A.”, mantel clock simply named, “Column”, ca 1878. The 24 ˝ inch rosewood veneered case is a very nice-looking clock, I suppose because of the rosewood’s special wood graining. There is a door knob/latch, both glasses are replacements, and rosewood half columns on the sides. Inside is a complete label, coil gong, brass pendulum, paid of iron weights, a painted zinc dial that is all original and very nice, pair of old hands, and the 30-hour brass movement. Ly-Welch Clocks, page 163. $125-$250.