Clocks 646-651
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646.           $50

“Jerome & Co., New Haven, Conn.”, 30-hour OG clock, ca 1850. The “Jerome & Co.” clock sales became a little fuzzy during the 1850’s and 1860’s. With Jerome’s bankruptcy, the New Haven Clock Co. took over the operations and supplied clocks for the English market using the Jerome & Co. name. The label in this clock says, “AMERICAN CLOCKS / Manufactured By / Jerome & Co. –etc.”. That should tell you this clock was made for the English market. This rosewood veneered case is 26” tall, has some chips and scratches on the edges. The top glass is old but the bottom glass is a replacement. The painted metal dial is new, weights are period, brass pendulum bob, and a coil gong. The 30-hour brass movement is signed, “S. Thomas, Plymouth, Conn.”. That is a surprise, did not know until I got to the end of this writeup. The movement and weights are worth more than the clock. $75-$150.



647.           $150

“Pratt & Frost, / Reading, Mass.”, looking glass shelf clock with 30-hour wood movement, ca 1832-1835. They used Chauncey Jerome’s 30-hour groaner type overhead striking movement. The bell is on top of the case.  The label is largely intact, some missing in weight chutes. Note the label is identical to labels used by Jerome. There are two glasses, mirror is a replacement, old wood backing behind mirror will be in the case but not installed. The top glass is original as are the weights, hands, and pendulum. There is a very good wood dial, and a door hook on the right side. The mahogany veneered case is 35” tall, flat columns, good splat and chimneys, and returns. The veneer has some chips and a small piece of wood missing on top of the right column.  $150-$300.



648.           $100

“Jerome & Co. / Superior 8-Day / Anglo-American Clock / Home Use & Abroad”, spring driven wall clock, probably ca 1840’s. Note how starkly different in appearance between the clocks going to England and the clocks being sold in the USA. This mahogany ? case is 36 inches tall, door latch on the side, red velvet curtain behind the door glasses, and a mirror behind the pendulum. The pendulum is the two-barrel type, strikes hours on a silver bell. The metal dial is a replacement, hands are probably new also. It has an 8-day movement made by Jerome and later New Haven. There is some very nice carving on the case as well as the finials, columns, and other nice wood work. $150-$300.



649.           $100

Hanging clock, sometimes called a “store regulator” or “shop clock”. The 8-day movement is not signed, there is no label or names anywhere. It has a new paper dial on the pan, the movement does not look new, but the case certainly does. So let’s call the clock contemporary. The pendulum was not with the clock but I am sure it is in one of the 100 boxes of stuff that came from the owner. When I find it I will put it with the clock. $100-$200. I found the pendulum, it is correct, brass and wood stick.



650.           $75

“E C. Brewster & Co., / Bristol, Conn.”, ca 1840. Founded by Elisha C. Brewster who was connected with several firms in the Bristol area. Rosewood veneered case is 26” tall, clean and nice with the usual veneer nick or tiny chip mostly around the edges. There is a brass escutcheon and lock on the door, no key. Most of the parts have endured the years exceptionally well, i.e. the good painted zinc dial, two original glasses including the excellent mirror, very good paper label, and the smaller items like the hands, gong, and unsigned 30-hour brass movement. There is no brass bob. A good early example of the OG clock. $100-$150.


651.           $100

Seth Thomas Clock Co. Plymouth Hollow, Conn. early mantel clock simply called, “Column No.3”, and I expect it was made about 1863. As you can see the case is as clean as a pin, has cleaned and polished and no veneer needed to be repaired. There are no veneer chips except one on the base, right side, just needs to be glued down. I suppose the tablet is a later addition but the installation was well done. The top glass is original. The printed material says this model was made of rosewood, I say it is mahogany veneer, case standing 25 inches tall. The dial looks real good for its age. The 30-hour movement is time and strike, and performing properly. There is an old coil gong, pendulum, and hands. The label is near complete. The movement is signed properly. Ly-Seth Thomas, #1739. $150-$250.