Clocks 664-671
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664.           $50

Waterbury Clock Co. mantel clock, “O. O. G. Spring”, ca 1883. The mahogany veneered case is 18 ¾ inches tall, looks real nice but on close inspection you see some veneer off ONLY on the right edge. Just enough to keep the wood parts from being near perfect. The bottom glass is new, so is the dial and hands. The label is fine as is the coil gong and the 30-hour spring movement. It is running and striking, looks real good, just not a family heirloom. Ly-Waterbury #1451. $75-$150.


665.           $50

“Brewster & Ingrahams, Bristol, Conn.”, steeple clock, ca 1846. This clock is pictured and described in the NAWCC Bulletin, August 1983, pages 428-429. The difference is this is a 30-hour movement. It is running and striking a coil gong on the hours. The top glass has a tiny corner piece missing and the bottom glass is a replacement. Inside is a very good label, brass bell with coil gong attached, new brass pendulum bob, original painted dial that is faded, and some substituted hands. The 20-inch-high mahogany veneered case is surprisingly very nice, no veneer problems anywhere. $100-$200.


666.           $50

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. mantel clock, “No 28” of their “Navy Sets”, ca 1901. The dark oak case is 24 inches tall with pressed designs all over, nothing to do with the Navy, only flowers, berries, and vines. The glass and case are all original as are all the inside accessories. The pendulum, gong, alarm movement, alarm bell, bras bezel, old paper dial, and 8-day movement are all Gilbert material. The movement is a strong runner and strikes half hours and hours. Ly-Gilbert, pages 349-352 for Navy Sets clocks. $75-$150.


667.           $75

Seth Thomas miniature clock called “Round Band”, ca 1874. Slightly different from what we confuse with an OG. It has a rolled band around the outside edge of the case, and the door. Veneered section between the rolls angle inward toward the door. This clock is an untouched and completely original 8-day model. The mahogany veneered case is 17” high and very nice. Original reverse painted tablet is super nice, original top glass, and dial and hands. The dial has what is normal for ST dials, some flaking but tons better than most. This rare model is time and strike. The large 8-day movement is running and striking and it still has the Geneva stops in place. Complete label inside with a Thomaston address. A nice all original clock. Ly-Seth Thomas, pages 655-656. $100-$200.


668.           $75

Seth Thomas Clock Co. mantel clock, “Column”, ca 1870. An immaculate 16” mahogany veneered clock, clean inside and out. Mahogany veneer has some barely detectable tiny chip or two but shows so well you can hardly tell. The clock was restored to like new condition, has original gold around both glasses, both glasses may be replacements. Replaced paper dial on the old pan, ST hands, correct bob and key, and a complete paper label inside. The 30-hour movement is signed, clean, running, and striking a coil gong. This clock also has an alarm movement.  Ly-Seth Thomas #1741 and #1742. $750-$150.


669.           $75

Seth Thomas Clock Co. cabinet clock, “Whitby”, ca 1921. Mahogany cabinet case is 12 inches tall, has a very good original finish with slight crazing, but I sure would not try to remove the crazing or you will ruin a super nice finish. The inlay lines on the front are very visible and all the brass feet are underneath. It has a brass bezel with convex beveled glass, excellent signed porcelain dial, but poor replaced hands. It has a signed 8-day movement that is running and striking half hours. Ly-Seth Thomas #1691. $100-$200.


670.           $75

Atkins Clock Company, Bristol. Conn. “Victor Roundtop #3”, ca 1873. This rare little clock is 15” high, made with rosewood, broken columns on the sides for which Atkins had a patent. There is a near perfect label inside, good glasses, original metal dial and hands, and a 30-hour time and striking spring movement. This is a fine example of an original Atkins cottage clocks. The clock is running and striking properly. The clock is pictured and described in the book, “The Clocks by Irenus Atkins”, by Gregory and King, page88.  $100-$200.


671.           $100

Seth Thomas Clock Co. mantel clock, pillar & scroll, “Tradition”, ca 1950. The case, decorative base, side pillars and top scroll are made of hand rubbed mahogany. It has a full color glass panel with bright gold in center and border. They called the dial, “harmonizing decorative motif on light ivory dial”. It has solid brushed brass finials, brass pendulum, and chime rods in the bottom of the case. The movement is eight day and strikes hours and half hours. Ly-Seth Thomas #2246. $150-$300.

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