Clocks 672-679
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672.           $100

Ansonia Clock Co. mantel clock, metal case, “Monmouth”, ca 1901. The clock has a brass finish and is good but the dial shows some wear. It is 11 inches tall with etched designs over the brass finish. The movement is 8-day and strikes hours and half hours on a gong. The sash is cast brass as are the round feet underneath. It is running and striking properly. Ly-Ansonia #1591. $150-$300.


673.           $50

“Jerome Clock Co. New Haven, Conn.”, beehive shaped case, ca 1865. The mahogany veneered case is 19 inches tall, veneer is good, case a little dirty, not polished. Door latch in front, two glasses are probably original. Original painted dial, correct hands and pendulum bob. There is an excellent complete paper label inside and a coil gong. The movement runs 8-days and strikes hourly on the gong. $75-$150.


674.           $50

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. wood cased mantel clock, “Parole”, ca 1885. The 20-inch-high walnut case is complete and all original including the nice door glass. It has a fancy pendulum and a silver bell. The 8-day movement is running and striking hours on the bell. There is no label and I could hardly read the signed movement to find out who the maker was.  Ly-Gilbert #1122. $75-$150.  


675.           $50

“Atkins Clock Comp’y, Bristol, Ct.”, rare cottage clock, ca 1860. Rosewood case is 14 inches high, top with an edge, flat edges on the door, rounded on the outside front. The case is very nice, glasses are original, painted dial and hands are original, and inside is a complete paper label and bras pendulum. The 8-day movement is running and strikingon a coil gong. “The Clocks of Irenus Atkins”, by Philip C. Gregory & Robert M. King, page 85. $75-$150.  


676.           $25

Mantel clock in a walnut ? case standing 13 ½ inches high. Nothing is signed, and no label. Case is nice, gold paint around the door edge, good glasses, but it ends there. The dial is new paper, has no dial pan, pendulum is new, movement is time only and I would bet it runs only 30-hours. The movement is round, wheels etc. not visible as the movement is inside a round brass covering. $25  

677.           $75

English shelf clock, ca 1923. The mahogany case is 13 ½ inches tall, clean as a pin and highly polished. It has round bun feet, brass bezel with convex glass and brass sash with silver dial and original hands. There is a presentation plaque on the bottom indicating it was given to a retiree in 1923, hence the date of the clock. Of course, it could have been made much earlier. Full wood back door with latch. The brass movement runs 8-days and strikes on a standing gong. Pendulum is correct for the movement. $100-$200.


678.           $100

Seth Thomas Clock Co. City Series clock, “Albert”, ca 1886. Sorry about the piece missing from the top in the picture. Noticed it later, it is just tacked on, easy to get knocked off. Walnut veneered case is 16 ½ inches tall, complete and original. The glasses are original, some flaking on the bottom glass. Dial is original, but paint is fading. It appears someone cleaned it and used something besides water. It is streaked. It has a door latch and gold paint around the outside of the door and inside, around the glasses. It has a complete label, coil gong, old pendulum, and a 30-hour time and strike movement that is running. I have collected City Series clocks for 45 years, bought and sold hundreds, and still have a bunch. This is only the second “Albert” I have had. Must be rare. Ly-Seth Thomas #504. $100-$200.


679.           $50

Seth Thomas Clock Co. shelf clock, “Chicago”, ca 1874. It is identical in every way to the hundreds of “Chicago” models we have seen over the years, EXCEPT it has a Chinese painted dial. Now to be clear, the dial is signed two places by Seth Thomas, it has a 150-year-old Seth Thomas label inside, and the 8-day movement is a Seth Thomas movement and signed by Seth Thomas, but this clock and thousands of other Chicago models were also shipped to China where they painted their language on the dial. True the clock has been “used”. It looks rough. No telling where it spent the last 150 years.  This is not a Chinese knockoff, but a real Seth Thomas with a language we all better begin to learn. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 188. $75-$150.

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