Clocks 680-700
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680.           $100

“Terry & Andrews, Bristol, Conn.”, iron front clock, ca 1843. Essential part of the label remains inside, partly under the coil gong. The 8-day movement is running and striking hours. The iron case is 15 inches high, covered with mother of pearl and gold paint. The old dial is original, hands probably not. The top glass is held with original putty, bottom has new putty, but I sort of believe they repaired the putty rather than put all new putty. Both brass doors have latches, but they are different. $150-$300.


681.           $50

“Bradley & Hubbard, West Meriden, Conn.”, iron front case, oak back, ca 1851. The front of the 17-inch case is covered with gold and other colorful decorations. The problem is, the paint has faded. In the right bright light it is something to behold. The brass bezels are original, so is the glass. Dial and hands are replaced. I believe the time and striking Sessions movement is only a 30-hour runner. Rings hours on an iron bell. If it is an 8-day movement you get a bonus. $75-$150.


682.           $50

“Waterbury Clock Co., Waterbury, Conn.”, Ca 1850. The iron front case has bright painted flowers and there is some mother of pearl. Brass bezels, glasses, and dial are original.  The hands are replacements. The 30-hour movement is running and striking a coil gong. Complete label inside the case. $75-$150.


683.           $75

Seth Thomas Clock Co., mantel clock, “Column”, ca 1870. An immaculate 16” mahogany veneered clock, clean inside and out. Mahogany veneer has some barely detectable tiny chip or two, and some hauling scrapes, but shows so well you can hardly tell. The clock was restored to like new condition, has original gold around both glasses, all three glasses are original.  Repainted dial, ST hands, correct bob and key, and a complete paper label inside. The 8-day movement is signed, clean, running, and striking a coil gong. This clock also has an alarm movement that rings on an iron bell.  Ly-Seth Thomas #1741 and #1742. $750-$200.


684.           $50

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. tambour clock, “Winsome”, ca 1925. 16-inch-wide cabinet is finished in brown mahogany, hand rubbed, fitted with an excellent 8-day movement that is running and playing Normandy Chimes on half hour and hours. It is like new so has not been abused like so many clocks. The brass sash is holding a convex glass over a silver dial. Hands appear to be correct. The dial and movement are signed. Ly-Gilbert #980. $50-$100.

685.           $300

American tall case, ca 1820, plus or minus. We will call it a “project” clock because it does not have a movement, pendulum, dial, or weights. The 97-inch-high mahogany case is very nice, clean and polished, and has a good finish. There are some wood splits, perhaps the most noticeable is just below the bonnet door. The broken arch top bonnet slides off the case. The bonnet and middle section both have doors, with metal knobs. There are three finials on top. There are no side doors or glasses, just solid wood sides. A correct movement would probably be wood, with chain or cord pull up tin can type weights. The case is a nice size for modern 8 foot ceilings but you would have to remove the middle finial or shorten it. Thirty-hour wood movements are not difficult to find. We have sold some in past auctions. $500-$1000.


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686.           $500

“Marsh, Gilbert & Co., / Farmington, Conn.”, carved column and splat case with an 8-day wood movement, ca 1833. Shortly after making this clock he moved to Ohio where he remained until his death. It is speculated that Gilbert was making the clocks in Conn. while Marsh was marketing them in Ohio. It is also likely he took several of these clocks with him and marketed them along the way. This mahogany veneered and carved case is 37” tall and in excellent condition top to bottom. I found a couple of small veneer chips. The case retains its original finish, now very dark, but a dark you will like. The chimneys, caps and returns are all in place and original. It has very nice carved half columns and two doors. Both doors have escutcheons, locks, but no keys. I will call both glasses original because of the wood strips and condition of the frame in general. The wood mirror backing is as old as the case. If changes have been made to the glasses or anything else, Houdini must have done it. The only shortcoming I find with the clock is that a small part of the label is missing, thankfully an insignificant part. The 8-day movement is a Terry type and original to the clock. There are unusually large, almost square weights, weighing 12 lb and 13 pounds. The dial is pristine and it has old hands, pendulum, crank, and iron bell. The rollers on top are in place and apparently the weights are compounded for at the end of one weight cord is another pulley. $500-$750.



700.           $10

New Haven Clock Co. Carriage clock, "Paris", ca 1913. Metal case is 4.75 inches tall, finished in French Satin Gold, now with wear to the finish.  One day time only movement has no winding key and has no glass over the dial. Nice signed porcelain dial and hands. Ly-New Haven #330.  New Haven Clock Co. glass desk clock. An easel stand in back. It is 6 inches square, complete and has no problems with the glass band but the mirror glass has a few tiny chips of paint in back. The one day movement winds in back and is running. The dial is signed, “New Haven” and has an amber shade cover. All original.  $10-$50.