Clocks 701-710
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701.           $75

Waterbury Clock Company, hanging clock, “Yeddo, 10 Inch”, ca 1891. The 21-inch case has polished rosewood veneer with brass trimmings all around. It is all original including the 8-day time and half hour striking movement, signed and painted dial, original glasses, and complete paper label inside. The black paper label is almost impossible to read without a flashlight or good sun. The movement is running and striking properly. Ly-Waterbury #668. $100-$200.


702.           $25

Ansonia Clock Co. mantel clock, “Australia”, ca 1883. Seth Thomas had their “City Series” clocks and Ansonia had their series named for countries and continents. Part of the top is missing but what is present is all original and in good condition including the nice tablet featuring an owl, spider webs, and the inscription “Ansonia” in one of the spider webs. The walnut case is 21 inches tall, has an 8-day time and striking movement, and an alarm movement. Both the time and alarm movements strike on a nickel bell. On the back is a partial label. Ly-Ansonia #1789. $50-$100.


703.           $75

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. mantel clock, “Dove”, one of Gilbert’s Birds Sets. They made them with wire gongs and Cathedral gongs. It is so clean inside and out that it looks new but I suspect some hobbyist with little to do spend days cleaning everything in and out. The dial is original and signed and the glass is original and correct for this series. It has an 8-day movement that is running and striking a Cathedral gong. It also has an alarm movement and it strikes a brass bell. The oak case is 22 inches tall, may have a small chip or nick around the case but is very clean. The movements, gongs, pendulum, etc. is clean and polished. Ly-Gilbert #1226. $100-$200.


705.           $100

New Haven Clock Co. crystal regulator, “Thopas”, ca 1911. Case is made of heavy metal with beveled French plate glasses on front, sides and back, and all with no damage. The company described it as having gold plating on the metal and imported Brazilian onyx top and bottom. The top has been replaced with a good piece of onyx that very nearly matches the onyx on the bottom. It has an 8-day movement with half hour strike on a Cathedral gong and it is running. The imitation mercury pendulum if correct and very nice as is the two-piece signed porcelain dial with external escapement and original hands. Ly-New Haven #376. $150-$300.


706.           $100

“Eureka Clock Co. Ltd. / London / 1905”, signed on the movement plate of this rare electric clock. It comes with a wood base and glass dome but the clock sits freely under the dome and not attached to the base. It takes two C batteries placed underneath the base, to run the clock. The one-piece porcelain dial and hands appear to be original. Extra holes on the brass base are above my pay grade to describe as I know next to nothing about electric clocks. The clock by itself is 7 ½ inches tall, with dome and base it is 10 inches high. $100-$250.

Without dome     Back


707.           $200

Austrian mantel clock with a movement that is seldom seen anymore because it has a silk thread suspension. Probably dates back to the mid 1800’s, or earlier. And yes, the light weight pendulum swings on a small section of silk thread. The 3-day movement is running and strikes half hours on a coil gong. The 18-inch-high wood case is covered in some variety of a beautiful veneer. On the veneer are several brass ornaments. The columns are onyx. The dial ring is porcelain with a few hairlines, has a brass inner dial and original hands. There is a bowed glass in the sash and a super brass pendulum bob. I did not see any makers signature but I did not pull the movement to inspect since it was running so well. I figured I would screw it up. $300-$500.


708.           $100

Waterbury Clock Company mission clock, “Den No.5”, ca 1915. All of the clock companies produced some mission clocks, but Waterbury was not a big player in the Mission clock world. Like the other companies they only made them for a short time. This dark oak cased clock is 27 ½ inches tall and in surprisingly wonderful condition. It is complete and all original. Part of a label remains on the back, at least it identifies the model, “Den No.5”.  It has an 8-day movement and strikes half hours on a gong. Ly-Waterbury #1769. $150-$250.


709.           $100

French, 3-piece garniture set, ca 1900. Movement is signed, “Selsi / France”, and the porcelain dial is signed, “France”. The onyx and brass case is 14.5 inches tall and the two side pieces are 9.5 inches tall, all three pieces in excellent original condition. The original porcelain dial is bowed, brass hands are bowed to fit, all are original. The sunburst pendulum is original and the front and back sashes are nicely and securely fitted. The movement was running but appears to be out of beat slightly. The 8-day movement is typical French, round with nickel bell attached. $200-$350.


710.           $25

German one day cuckoo. Not an antique but more post WWII vintage. Runs strong and strikes on a coil gong on the backplate. Weights, pendulum, hands, and wood carvings are all original and in excellent condition. $50-$100.