Clocks 734-741
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734.           $100

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Banjo No.1”, ca 1928. Mahogany case is 37.5” high, excellent glass panels, bottom depicts “Perry’s Victory”. It has polished brass side ornaments, bezel, and metal eagle on top. 7” painted metal dial is signed, in very nice condition, and has the original hands. The movement is signed, spring driven, eight day, time only, running briskly. The old pendulum is original. It may not be a weight driven banjo, but it is a Seth Thomas, which means it is a very well-made clock, and is very attractive. Note the similarity between this banjo and the much more expensive Waltham banjos. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 78. We have been regularly selling this model for $600-$800. Presently more in the $150-$300 range.


735.           $75

Label reads, “Arranged And Manufactured By / Silas Hoadley, / Plymouth, Conn.”. The paper label covers over half of the backboard.  The bottom painted glass is a replacement but was professionally painted. The upper glass is also a replacement. Very nice wood dial but numbers have faded, correct hands, pair of period iron weights, brass bob, iron bell, and a good 30-hour wood movement. I did not hang the weights but I believe it would run if I did. The 27” high mahogany veneered case has curly maple accents front and sides, and is complete. The quarter columns are very dark so difficult to see the stenciling but the splat has pretty nice original stenciling. The door has an ivory escutcheon with key lock, but no key. Provenance inside the clock indicates the owner paid $1300 for this clock Nov.1980. $100-$200.



736.           $50

New Haven Clock Co. banjo clock, “Whitney”, ca 1932. This is a very rare model with a Westminster Chime movement.  Mahogany case is 30 1/2” tall, excellent condition, attractive metal side and top ornaments, original decorated glass panels, bowed glass over the painted metal dial, and original and correct hands. The dial is signed, “New Haven / 8-days”. There is a label on the back and complete paper operating instructions inside the bottom door. Ly-New Haven #217. $100-$200.


737.           $25

Short drop wall clock, probably made in an Asian factory a long time ago. The case is 22 inches tall, and has the bright finish associated with the far east clocks 100 years ago. There are no labels or markings. Did not pull the dial but the 8-day movement is running. It strikes a coil gong, has a nice brass pendulum, painted dial, bras bezel that needs to be soldered to the hinge and is missing the glass in the bezel. $25-$50.


738.           $50

Seth Thomas 8-day mantel clock, named simply, “Cottage”, ca 1879. They made several variations of this model, in several sizes. This clock is made with rosewood, stands 14 ½ inches tall, and is clean and complete. I will expand further, if polished it would be near perfect. The dial, hands, painted glass, door knob, complete paper label, and the pendulum, are all original to the case. The 8-day brass movement is signed, running, and striking hours on an original coil gong. About as good as they come. Ly-Seth Thomas, #643. $75-$150.

739.           $50

“Terry & Andrews, Bristol, Conn.” cottage clock, ca 1842. The mahogany veneered case is 15 inches tall, original, and in good condition, appears to have never been cleaned. There is a door latch, two correct glasses, however I cannot swear the bottom is original, but it is correct for the model, and is old. The painted dial has aged but not missing paint, hands are replacements as is the pendulum bob. The 30-hour movement appears to have original brass springs, is running and striking a coil gong on the hours. The paper label is less than 50% intact, but enough there to identify the makers. $50-$100.


740.           $50

“Ansonia Brass & Copper Co. Ansonia, Conn.” mantel clock, ca 1869, named, “Gothic Gem-Large”. The mahogany veneered case is 18 ½ inches tall, full front latching door with two glasses, bottom could be a replacement. Old painted metal dial is soiled by has no paint loss, hands could be original. Complete paper label inside, 8-day movement runs and strikes hours on a coil gong. It has an alarm movement and it rings on an iron bell. It has a replaced pendulum bob. Ly-Ansonia #1710. $75-$150.

741.            $100

“L Frank / Manufacturer of / American Clocks / 55 John St. / New York, NY”, on the complete paper label inside this ca 1850’s iron front clock. Painted case features flowers, vines, and berries. The top glass has original putty, bottom is probably new glass. Old paper dial on the old pan, hands old, how old, don’t know. 8-day movement is running and striking a coil gong. Good paper label inside. The case is 16.5” high, complete, without any repairs except where noted. I have sold 2 iron front clocks by L (Levy) Frank in years gone by. $150-$250.