Clocks 742-749
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742.           $100

“Wm. S. Johnson / 3 Cortlandt St. / New York”, copied from the complete paper label inside this ca 1840’s paper mache or wood cased clock. The collector who consigned this clock listed it as an iron front. It looks like an iron front but I have to call it either a paper mache front or wood case, with substantial mother-of-pearl decorations. There is one large piece of MOP missing on the bottom. I have a lot of the old MOP pieces so if you are able to design it to fit the opening, remind me and I will include the MOP with the clock when it is shipped. The case is 16 inches tall, bezels missing their latches, dial may be a repaint, and there is a good label inside. The movement is 8-day and it strikes on a coil gong. $150-$300.


743.           $25

Welby Corporation, Germany, two weight wall clock with an art deco design. It has an 8-day movement that is running briskly and striking three chime rods. It has two very large brass weights and a brass pendulum and numerals. The movement is signed, and the backboard slides out of grooves in the case back. $25-$50.

744.           $25

Hermle bracket clock, made in West Germany, ca 1970’s. 8-day movement is running and striking Westminster chimes on 5 rods. Nice silver dial with good hands and chime silent lever. Removable wood back. Case is walnut ? and stands 15 ˝ inches tall. In excellent, like new, condition. $25-$50.

745.           $75

“Dickory Dickory Dock” mouse clock, made in China. Wood case is 17 ˝ inches tall, complete, and original. There is good gold lettering and designs on the case front, latching front, and 8-day movement that is running and sounding the bell when the mouse drops. This clock will more than satisfy your yearning for a $2500 original mouse clock. $100-$200.


746.           $40

New Haven wall clock made for the English market, ca 1880. If you will notice the case is very similar to clocks made for the US market. The mahogany case is 40 inches tall, finials look correct but cannot guarantee. Some case damage on the base and there are small nicks other places. The previous owner said it ran but the pendulum leader was off and I did not attempt to take it apart and make it run. The 8-day spring movement strikes on a bell. The dial is original, glass missing in the sash, and hands are good. Not sure if there was glass in the bottom of the door or always open. $50-$100.


747.           $100

“Eli Terry, Jr.  & Co. / Terryville, Conn.”, wood movement clock, ca 1835-1841. He took in partners Milo Blakesley and Warren Goodwin to form this, his last clock company. I sold this clock to a friend years ago who could top anyone in restoring wood cased clocks. He just never got around to restoring this one. This mahogany veneered case is 35 inches tall, has half columns, 3 glasses, and 2 doors. All the glasses are missing, so is the bottom door, probably a top of some kind, and part of the left column. The 30-hour movement is complete and does not appear to have any broken or missing teeth. $100-$200.



748.           $100

E. N. Welch ?? 8-day mantel clock. The previous owner said this was a Welch clock however I cannot find it in the Welch books and it is not signed anywhere. It is what it is, a very attractive shelf clock. The large 8-day brass movement is running and striking hours on a bell. It certainly has the look of a 17th Century clock, the only access to the pendulum is thru a hole in the base. The original dial has been repainted; pendulum is old, there is a heavy flat beveled glass in the brass sash, and a push button door latch on the case side. The 15 ˝ inch high wood case may be coca cabala or rosewood, just not sure what it is, but it is sure attractive. There are some dents around and about but no chips. $150-$300.



749.           $40

German RA, ca 1900. The movement is signed but the trademark is partly hidden under the strike count wheel. The 8-day movement is running and striking a coil gong. The two-piece porcelain dial is perfect and the hands are extremely attractive. Inside the case is a porcelain beat scale and nice RA pendulum. That is the good, now the rest. The walnut case is 25 inches tall and missing whatever was on top and three finials on the base. It does have 3 good glasses and two door hooks. You cannot beat the price, now can you. $50-$100.