Clocks 750-757
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750.           $100

Sessions Clock Co. wall regulator made for the English market, ca 1890. The walnut case is 34 inches high and would be a bit higher if the bottom finial were not missing. The case has inlay all over the front plus 14 finials. The 8-day movement is running and striking a coil gong. The original painted dial is square, the type you would see on an early OG clock. The dial paint is very good, it has a good front glass, door hook, and correct hands and pendulum bob. Note the carved section below the dial board. It is backed with dark cloth. Nice clock needing on a couple of finials. $150-$300.


751.           $100

Contemporary Korean “Regulator A” wall regulator. It has an 8-day movement that strikes on a long iron rod. The 51-inch case appears to be mahogany but is probably a similar wood only available in Korea. It is heavily carved around the bezel, has applied carvings in several places below the bezel, has large finials or columns on the sides, and is missing a large finial on the base which would have made the case 57 inches tall. There is a lyre style pendulum rod and a brass ball. It has a nice painted dial and two correct hands. The seconds hand is missing. The previous owner said the click needed attention before you hang the pendulum. We see identical clocks sell on EBay for $400-$500.


752.           $150

Birge & Fuller, Bristol, Conn. triple decker shelf clock, ca 1843. Mahogany veneered case is 35 ˝ inches tall, has better than average veneer, only a few tiny chips and/or repairs. The case is complete with all its wood parts and appear to be all original. The old dial board now has a paper dial attached, the mirror is a replacement as is the bottom glass. The bottom tablet is an old painting but doubtful came with this clock. The gold on the splat and columns is good but possibly not original. The two old iron weights are worth about half of the minimum on this clock. Both door latches are in working condition and the pendulum is period. The paper label is about all gone. The 8-day strap brass movement is signed and in running condition. $200-$400.



753.           $175

Waterbury Clock Co. calendar clock, “Buffalo”, ca 1891. Nice walnut case is complete, stands 27 inches tall, clean but not overly polished. It is not a plain case as it has grooved designs on the top splat and some side ornaments, six turned finials, and twisted columns. The original dial pan now has a paper dial, three mismatched hands, correct large brass pendulum bob on a wood stick, door latch and a key. The movement runs 8-days and strikes hours on a coil gong. It is running and striking correctly and the calendar movement is changing as it should. Ly-Waterbury #254. $200-$350.


754.           $200

Smith & Goodrich, Bristol, Conn. miniature shelf clock with reversed fusee, line attached at largest diameter, toward front part of the clock, ca 1850. Complete label reads in part, “Thirty Hour Spring / Brass Clocks / Springs with equalized power warranted not to fail / Manufactured and sold by / Smith & Goodrich / Bristol, “Conn.” Both glasses appear to be original, dial pan now has a paper dial on it. The walnut case is15 inches tall and complete. The door frame is reverse OG style. Included are the door latch, pendulum and winding key. Brass gong base and fusees are polished bright. $200-$350.



755.           $150

“Jerome & Co., New Haven, Conn.”, cottage clock, ca 1876. Case is 16.5 inches high, base is rosewood veneer, and top is mahogany veneer. Case is near perfect and has no veneer issues, two original glasses, door knob, complete paper label on the back of the door, inside backboard is paper covered. The dial has been repainted, hands are probably replacements, and alarm ring is correct. The 8-day movement is running and striking a coil gong and the alarm movement is operational and strikes the same coil gong. The 140-year-old clock could not be any better. $200-$400.


756.           $100

German steeple clock, in a nicely finished pine case with slant bottom and latching door. It is 15 inches tall, all original and has no repairs or additions. There is no label but the pendulum, nickel bell, and dial and hands are all original. The click is not holding the spring and I was too lazy to pull the dial and move it. The 30-hour movement strikes a nickel bell. $100-$200.


757.           $150

Waltham desk set, clock and barometer. Metal case is 10 ˝ by 5 ˝, has good brown paint, and is complete. The clock dial is signed, “Waltham / 8-days / 9 Jewels”. All parts are functioning properly. $200-$350.

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