Clocks 758-769
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758.           $50

Three battery-powered Kundo clocks by “Kenninger & Obergfell / Germany”.  All the cases are clean, two domes are original to the clock, one is not but will suffice. $100-$200.

759.           $50

Deluxe novelty clock, “Blossom Time”, made of a molded wood composition with a Japanese motif. The 30-hour movement is running and keeping time. The case is 16 inches tall and has a metal stand in the back. Normally those are missing.   $50-$100.


760.           $50

Small clock under glass dome. It is signed, “Paico / Made in England”. It is complete and the 30-hour movement is running. The pendulum and key are pictured inside the dome. The plastic cased clock stands 5 ½ inches high. $50-$100.

761.           $25

Two Globe Pendulum clocks, ca 1941. Sometimes called a baseball or World’s Fair clock. Shown in Ehrhardt’s Book No.3, page 174. They are 60 years old so the paint and finish are not perfect. Cases are 9 ½ inches high, both have a hand missing, neither are running. $25-$50.

762.           $25

2 novelty clocks. 1. Lux “Bungalow” clock, 30-hour time, not running. 10 inches wide, 6 inches high. 2. Colonial alarm clock, plastic case 6 inches high, running.

763.           $25

2 plastic desk clocks, one is time only, one has alarm, neither are running.

764.           $50

Four Lux cuckoo style clocks, ca 1930’s. 1. Stationary bird, 8-day pendulum movement is running. Key and weights. 10 inches high. 2. Called only “Quail”, 8-day movement is running, 7 ½ inches high. 3. Quail, one day movement, bird bobs up and down, 8 inches. 4. Bobbing Cuckoo style, red bird bobs in and out, 30-hour, 7 inches high.

765.           $50

Four miniature cuckoo clocks. LtoR- 1. Lux “Bird Nest”, 6 inches, complete, running.    2. German, complete, running. 3. Lux, “Tree House”, complete, 7 inches, running. 4. Lux “Bobbing Bird”, complete, running, 7 inches.


766.           $50

Four miniature cuckoo clocks. LtoR – 1. Lux “Bluebird with Three Flowers”, 6 inches, complete, running. 2. NAWCC Nation Convention, Cleveland, 1986, souvenir. 3. Lux “Cuckoo Style”, 7 inches, complete, running. 4. Lux, “Bluebird with Three Flowers, 6 inches, complete, dirty, no weights on the chains, running.

767.           $50

Four miniature cuckoo clocks. LtoR – 1. Lux “Bluebird with Oak Leaves”, 6 inches, complete except for one weight, running. 2. Lux “Cuckoo Style”, complete, 7 inches, running. 3. Lux, “Bluebird with Three Flowers”, complete, running, 6 inches. 4. Lux, “Swing Bird”, 7 inches, complete, running.

768.           $50

Three miniature cuckoo clocks. LtoR – 1. Lux, “Bluebird with Oak Leaves”, 6 inche, one weight and chain missing, running. 2. Lux, “Cuckoo Style”, complete, running, 7 ½ inches, very nice. 3. Lux, “Swing Bird”, complete, very nice case, 7 inches, running.

769.           $25

Three miniature clocks. LtoR. 1. German miniature grandfather clock, complete, with key and instructions, 8 inches tall, running, good condition. 2. A German copy of the Jaeger Street Light clock. Signed “Endura / Alarm / Made in Germany”. 8 inches, running.       3. German miniature wall clock, pendulum, running, 2 inches.