Clocks 774-781
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774.           $75

Atkins Clock Company, Bristol, Conn. early shelf clock they called their “London” case to replace the “Parlor No.1”. It was first made about 1860. In this small 17” high rosewood veneered case there is a time and strike movement with a coil gong. The case and movement are pictured and discussed in the book, “The Clocks of Irenus Atkins”, by Gregory & King. The case including the door knobs, columns, and other wood parts, are all original and it retains the original finish. The old dial is good and the mirror is probably original as they sometimes used mirrors rather than a gold foil tablet. The pendulum rod is part metal but mostly an original wood stick and it has a typical brass pendulum bob. Inside the case is a complete paper label. $100-$200.


775.           $35

Large American made tambour clock, ca 1910. The only signature on the clock is “Made In USA” stamped on the silver dial. The mahogany case is almost 30 inches wide and 12 inches high, clean and all original. The brass sash has a bowed glass, original hands, and a slow/fast regulator. On the back is a hinged wood door. It has an 8-day movement that is running and striking half hours on a gong. Pendulum and key are inside. $50-$100.

776.           $75        

E. N. Welch hanging nickel cased, “Metal Lever”, ca 1880. Welch bought movements from Ansonia, New Haven and E. N. Welch, and they made them with 1 day and 8-day movements. This clock has a one day movement. There is enough of a paper label on the back to identify the maker and the model. They make this model with dials ranging from 4 inches to 8 inches. This one has a 6-inch paper dial, now slightly worn and unsigned. The nickel case is 8.5 inches across the back. This clock is pictured in Ly-Welch, page 232. $100-$200.


777.           $100       

Miniature column and splat of modern vintage. The walnut case is 28 inches tall, with carved eagle splat, carved pineapple finials, carved columns and carved paw feet. The 8-inch dial and painted tablet are very nice and like the ones from the 1800’s. It has an 8-day brass movement that strikes on the half hours and hours. It runs but it would look very nice just displayed anywhere in your home. It is very attractive and inexpensive. $150-$300.


778.           $100

Seth Thomas mantel clock, “Tudor No.1”, ca 1879. They made this model in several sizes and configurations i.e. door lock or door knob, wood bezel or brass bezel, etc. This model is not pictured in Ly-Seth Thomas for it has painted case decorations, flowers on the case front and various designs painted around the black base. The decorations on the base are worn and fading. We have sold Tudors in the past that also had painted decorations so we know they were done at the factory. The walnut case is 16 inches tall, key lock with key, good complete label, nice dial but probably repainted at some time, signed 8-day movement, correct ST hands, coil gong and winding key. The pendulum is not correct, but serviceable, and the movement is running and striking properly. Ly-Seth Thomas #665. $100-$200.


779.           $50

Waterbury Clock Company shelf clock, “O.G. Weight”, ca 1880’s. Mahogany veneered case is 26” high and from all indications is all original, but not without some flaws. There are a few tiny chips or rough places, but overall it is a very nice looking and a sound case. Both glasses are replacements, has an excellent paper label, original dial and hands, and an old bob and winding crank. The original dial has some small flakes around the screws   but overall good for its age. The 30-hour brass movement is weight driven, time and strike. We tested the movement with finger pressure, not with weights, and found the movement to be complete and sound, and should run with the weights in place, but we recommend you check it over before hanging the pair of old iron weights. The movement strikes on a coil gong. Ly-Waterbury, pages 394-397. $75-$150.


780.           $50

German porcelain clock with painted Dutch scenes. The 10-inch-high case is perfect and has no chips, cracks, repairs, etc. The one day time only movement was used by the previous collector as a decorator item, ran many years ago when he bought it, now needs service. The dial is signed, “Mercedes / Made In Germany”. $50-$100.

781.           $100

Seth Thomas mantel clock, “Tudor No.1”, ca 1879. This walnut case is 15 inches tall, scuffed around the round bezel, east fix with liquid stain. Original painted dial has chipped and new paint applied to the chipped places. It has ST hands, coil gong, side door lock with key, and old brass pendulum. The 8-day movement is running but out of beat from hauling to me, strikes hours on a coil gong. Inside is a complete paper label. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 223. $100-$200.