Clocks 782-789
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782.           $100

Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn. City Series clock, “Wales”, ca 1904. I have never heard of a town in the US named Wales, but there are actually at least 3. I doubt that Seth Thomas named this clock for a US city, more than likely it was named for Wales, United Kingdom. ST also named clocks for other foreign countries and foreign cities. I am no expert but I have probably owned more City Series clocks than anyone you know. This little 10 ˝ inch high oak clock is typical of this type ST clock, well made of good materials, great 8-day round movement (signed), porcelain dial (signed), and standing Cathedral gong. It is running and striking. Ly-Seth Thomas #619. $150-$300.


783.           $100

Junghans, Germany, shelf clock made like a bracket clock, ca 1890. The signed movement is resting on a wood seatboard and striking a standing gong. The movement is running but not striking properly. Silver dial is showing some age and wear, hands and pendulum are correct. Brass bezel with bowed glass attaches to push button release on the case side. With handle up the case is 15 inches high. $100-$200.


784.           $100

E. Ingraham Clock Co. hanging clock, “Dewdrop”, ca 1881. Ingraham called the case, “Imitation Rosewood”. I suppose it might be pine, stained to look like rosewood. Case is 23 ˝ inches tall, has door latches on both doors, original glasses, partial label on the back and good original pendulum. The old dial has been covered with something to hold the paint and the numerals have been enhanced. The 8-day time only movement is running. Ly-Ingraham #368. $100-$200.


785.           $50

Waterbury Clock Co. mantel clock, “Henshaw”, ca 1906. The pressed oak case is 22 inches tall, has plain pressed designs all over, good original tablet, original dial and hands, same with the pendulum, alarm movement and 8-day running movement. On the back is most of a paper label. The movement is running and striking half hours on a gong. Ly-Waterbury #1643. $75-$150.


786.           $50

Seth Thomas mantel clock, “Newport”, ca 1915. This small shelf clock is 13 inches wide and 9 inches high, made of mahogany with a dull finish. Complete and original except for a couple of veneer chips. It has a heavy brass sash and convex beveled glass over a very nice porcelain dial and the original hands. The 8-day movement is running and striking hours and half hours on a Cathedral gong. Ly-Seth Thomas #2489. $75-$150.


787.           $50

New Haven Clock Co. hanging clock, named “Regulator” in the books and “Time Piece Regulator” on the complete paper label. The walnut case is 32 inches high, has a black ring around the bezel for accent, and is missing the glass over the original painted dial. As you can see there is considerable flaking and probably replaced hands. The 8-day movement is running. There is a door latch on the bottom, none on the bezel. The inside of the case is covered with black paper and the bottom glass has black lettering, all for effect. Ly-New Haven #564. $75-$150.



788.           $50

Waltham Clock Co. miniature Willard style banjo, ca 1930. The mahogany case is only 21” high, has a wonderful finish that is original, gilt rope around both hand painted glasses. Gilt balls around the base. There is a bowed beveled glass in the sash over the ivory painted metal dial. The dial is signed, is in excellent condition and has the correct hands. It has good brass side rails and a brass eagle. The 8-day time only movement winds inside the bottom door and is running. I have never seen this type wind mechanism. It is a long stem running from the bottom up to the movement. Ly-American Clocks #912. $100-$300.


789.           $25

Sessions Clock Co. 8-day time only, miniature banjo clock. The nice mahogany case is 24 inches high, has inlay on the throat board and a picture in the base. There are brass side rails, brass sash with a bowed glass, and a brass eagle. It has a nice clean signed dial and original hands. The 8-day movement is running. $50-$100.