Clocks 790-798
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790.           $35

“George Marsh, Winchester, Conn.”, 30-hour OG clock, ca 1850. Marsh lived in Ohio but the clocks were made in Conn. by his brother-in-law William L. Gilbert. Even though he lived in Ohio, label says Winchester, Conn. He probably financed the manufacture of these clock. This is a great looking mahogany veneered case. It has a door latch and two old glasses. The large label is complete, movement is unsigned, and strikes on a coil gong. The dial is exceptionally nice, hands are period, weights are proper, and the pendulum is not correct. $50-$100.


791.           $75

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. “Octagon Drop Calendar”, ca 1875. This early calendar clock has the simple calendar with the 8-day time and strike movement. The movement is running and striking a coil gong on the hours. There is a complete label inside, and old pendulum and key inside. The painted dial appears to be original and in good condition with only minor chips around the hand arbor and screws. The rosewood veneered case is 22 ˝ inches high, in excellent condition and has no visible problems. The glasses are old, latches, knobs, hands, and other parts of the case are original. Ly-Gilbert #207. $150-$300.


792.           $75

“Welch, Spring & Co. Forestville, Conn. U.S.A.” Italian Calendar No. 3, ca 1872. This was a variant model, similar to their many other models with calendars in the bottom, but the No. 3 had the calendar on top and a hole in the lower glass to see the pendulum. Welch made this model for the firm of B.B. Lewis & Son who sold them under the Lewis name. It is speculated Welch supplied them in lieu of paying Lewis for his calendar movements. This walnut shelf clock is 16” high, has gold columns, painted tablet, and in original condition. The case for its age is excellent. There are no breaks or repairs, it has a good finish, and of course an edge nick here and there. The dial, hands, and glasses, are all original. Complete paper label, coil gong, old brass bob and key, and the eight-day movement that is signed. The movement is complete and operational, striking hours on the coil gong. Ly-Welch pages 173-175. $100-$200.


793.           $50

Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn. 8-day “Cottage” clock, ca 1870. The mahogany veneered case is 14 ˝ inches high, has a replaced painted tablet, door latch, flaking painted dial, old hands, brass pendulum and key. In addition to the 8-day time and striking movement this one also has an alarm movement. In 1870 it was their best way to be awakened to get to work. It is running and striking hours on a coil gong and the alarm sounds on a bell. The full label is dark. Ly-Seth Thomas #643. $75-$150.


794.           $50

New Haven Clock Co. wood cased mantel clock, “Cinderella”, ca 1890. Black walnut case is 25 inches tall, original, clean, polished, side door latch, and nice and original painted door glass. It has an excellent dial, fancy regulating pendulum, and an 8-day time and striking movement that is running and striking on a coil gong. Clock is very clean for its age. Ly-New Haven #1336. $75-$150.


795.           $50

Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn. “Octagon Top” cottage clock, ca 1875. These miniature cottage clocks are all 9 inches tall and come with various case styles and movement configurations. I have known collectors who accumulated hundreds of these little clocks. This one is all original, has painted tablet, brass sash with flat glass, painted dial, original hands, complete label, one day movement with alarm that sounds on a large iron bell. See Ly-Seth Thomas for the many variations of these cottage clocks. $100-$200.

796.           $50

“Seth Thomas, Plymouth Hollow, Connecticut”, Cottage “O”, ca 1886. Rosewood veneered case is 9 inches tall and fitted with their “O” type one day time only movement. It is complete, painted tablet, door latch, hands, repainted dial, brass pendulum, complete label, and the one day movement that is running. $100-$200.

797.           $50

“Seth Thomas, Plymouth Hollow, Connecticut”, Cottage “C”, ca 1855. Rosewood veneered case is 9 inches tall, has a painted tablet, door latch, brass pendulum, ST hands, brass bell, complete label, and 30-hour time and alarm movement. $100-$200.

798.           $50

Two German mini porcelain clocks, 5 ˝ inches high, signed, “Mercedes/Germany”. One case marked “West German”, meaning they date to the 1960-1980 era. Both are very clean, like new, one is back wound and running, the other is quartz, did not check. $50-$100.