Clocks 31-36

32.       $50

“The E. N. Welch Manufacturing Co., Forestville, Conn.”, wood mantel clock, “Rose Gilt”, ca 1869. The rosewood case is slightly less than 9 ¼ inches high, clean, polished, and close to perfect. Door repainted, dial repainted, tablet rebacked, excellent label, old pendulum, and a one-day time only movement that is running. Ly-Welch #393. $75-$150.


33.       $25

German alarm clock, “Rensie”, ca modern. Mahogany steeple case is 8 inches tall, in excellent like new condition, painted glasses, bowed glass over the perfect dial. Back wind and set one-day movement is running. $25-$50.


31.        $50

“Ansonia Brass & Copper Co., Ansonia, Conn.”, miniature mantel clock, “Rose & Gilt”, ca 1874. The clean and polished 9 ½ inch case is made of mahogany veneer with a gold painted door. The gold is fresh, has a latch on the door, rebacked old tablet, repainted dial, replaced hands, old pendulum, iron bell, and good label. The movement is one-day time and alarm. Ly-Ansonia #1698. $75-$150.

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34.       $25

“Made In France” alarm clock, “Endura”. Mahogany steeple case is 7 inches high, clean and near perfect. One-day movement is running. Painted glasses, bowed glass over the perfect dial. $25-$50.

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35.       $50

“Jerome & Co.”, cottage clock with a 30-hour time and alarm movement, ca 1865. The mahogany case is 9 inches tall, has gold? around the base and door, and original glasses. The old metal dial is in good condition, hands are correct, pendulum and iron bell inside. It has a complete label inside the case and an outside door latch. Perhaps one of the earliest of the 9-inch miniature cases. $75-$150.

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36.       $50

“Waterbury Clock Company, Waterbury, Connecticut”, cottage clock in a rosewood case standing 10 inches tall with original gold around the door. Ly-Waterbury does not show a flat top cottage under 11 inches tall. The case is super nice, good glasses, original metal dial, replaced hands, iron bell, old pendulum and key, and an S. B. Terry 30-hour time only movement, and an alarm movement in the bottom of the case. For the movement see the NAWCC Bulletin, Dec.’95, #299, P.741. $75-$150.