Clocks 37-42

38.       $50

“New Haven Clock Co., New Haven, Conn.”, mantel clock named, “Rose Gilt”, ca 1878. The extra nice mahogany veneered case is 9 ½ inches tall, has gold around the outer edge of the door, and it has two old glasses. The metal dial paint is original and still in good condition, hands are the type and could be original. Inside also is an iron bell, old pendulum, very good label, and a 30-hour time and alarm movement. Ly-New Haven #1203. $75-$150.


39.       $50

“Terry Clock Co. movement in this case is a 30-hour, time and alarm. It alarms on an iron bell. Typical of small Terry movements it has a stationary pendulum, and it is running robustly. The rosewood veneered case is 9 3/8 inches tall, and like many we have photographed so far, has a gilt door. The gilt has been redone. The veneer around the base is all there but some is slightly warped. There are two original glasses, original painted metal dial, replaced hands, iron bell and key. The collector of these first 100 clocks was very particular about the clocks he owned. He had a note in this case that it was possibly a marriage, Terry movement in an Ansonia case. I laid this clock and #29 side by side and they are not identical, but are close. Don’t forget during the 1850-1870 period The Terry’s were part owners of Ansonia. I don’t think it is a marriage. $75-$150.

37.       $50

“Ansonia Brass & Copper Co., Ansonia, Conn.”, mahogany cottage clock, ca 1869-1877. The “Rose & Gilt” case is 9 ½ inches high, clean and polished, a dent or two, but no veneer problems. Gold around the door is original and it sure is brighter than redone modern gold. Glasses and door latch are also original. The paint is still very good on the original metal dial, hands are replaced, good old pendulum and key, and as usual, a super nice label. The case has a 30-hour time only movement, and it is running. Ly-Ansonia #1698. $75-$150.

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40.       $50

“Wm. L. Gilbert & Co., Winchester, Conn.”, wood mantel clock, “Rose Gilt”, ca 1885. The gilt around the door is original gilt and has some loss. The glasses appear to be original as is the painted metal dial. Hands are replaced. Excellent label, old pendulum and key, and a 30-hour time only movement that is running. The rosewood veneered case is good and stands 9 ¼ inches tall. Ly-Gilbert #1071. $75-$150.

UPDATE:  Patrick Hagans was kind to let us know that the movement in this clock is unusual - it is one attributed to Silas B. Terry, who worked for Gilbert from 1859-1861.  It is a double-ladder movement with the spring behind the backplate. 


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41.        $75

E. Ingraham Clock Co.  wood mantel clock with two round glasses, “Doric”, ca 1880.     Figure 8 door style, two glasses making up the door, latches from the front. Both glasses are old but appear to be replacements or at least out and back in the case. The case is clean and polished but dark, making for a very interesting clock. Dial is original and now darkened, paper label inside is intact and very adequate for identification purposes. The movement is eight-day, running and striking hours on a coil gong. An alarm movement is in the bottom of the case and it rings on an iron bell. The 16” high rosewood case has varying shades of wood grain on the sides and base and trim around the glasses and case front are painted black. A very interesting and beautiful case. Ly-Ingraham #856. $100-$200.

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42.       $75

“E. N. Welch Mfg. Co., Forestville, Conn.”, wood shelf clock, ca 1872, give or take. This exact clock is not identified in Ly-Welch or any other publication I can find. Welch made a very similar clock called, “Tural”, that was15 ½ inches high. Ly-Welch also pictures a similar clock they call, “Unknown” that was 15 ¼ inches high. Our clock is 16 5/8 inches high. Typical with this collector the rosewood case is very nice, glasses are original, painted dial is original, and the label is all there. It has a door latch, coil gong, old pendulum, and an 8-day time and striking movement. $100-$200.