Clocks 43-48

44.       $50

“Waterbury Clock Co., Waterbury, Conn.”, roundtop shelf clock with gilt columns, ca 1883. This is the “Sultan” model. Looks like they made a dozen variations, and this one does not fit any of the dozen. This rosewood case is 15 inches high. The books show one at 12 inches and the rest at 17 ½ inches. The case is nice, gilt columns repainted at some time, dial paper is new, coil gong, very nice pendulum, label on the base, and a 30-hour movement that strikes the coil gong. $75-$150.


45.       $75

“Welch, Spring & Co., Forestville, Conn.”, mantel clock, “Italian No. 2”, ca 1878.The rosewood case is smoky dark, probably never cleaned, but kept nice by polishing. It is 16 inches tall, has door latch, original glasses, paper dial, complete label, coil gong, old pendulum and key and an 8-day movement that is running and striking the coil gong.   Ly-Welch, #360. $100-$200.

43.       $75

“Gilbert Manufg. Co., Winchester, Conn.”, wood cased mantel clock, “Column Spring”, ca 1866. 15-inch rosewood case is nice, columns are gilt, probably touched up and repainted more than once, just a little rough at the top and bottom. Good original glasses, door latch, complete label, coil gong, old pendulum, original dial is touch up around the edges, and replaced hands. The 8-day movement is running and striking the coil gong. Ly-Gilbert #1082. $100-$200.

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46.       $75

“E. N. Welch, Forestville, Conn.”, wood cased mantel clock, “Peerless”, ca 1885. The rosewood case is very nice and stands 17 ¼ inches high. It has the special Welch pendulum, nickel bell, brass dial rings, repainted dial, replaced hands, label, and an 8-day time and striking movement that is running. Ly-Welch #379. $100-$200.

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47.       $75

“Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn.”, mantel clock listed as a steeple, ca 1876. It is a steeple without the finials on top and ST named it, “Gothic”. The rosewood case is 15 ½ inches high, very clean and polished, and has no veneer or damage anywhere. The original tablet was rebacked to hold the original paint. The top glass is original, metal dial was repainted, has ST hands, coil gong, old pendulum and key, and a complete label. The movement is this case is their 8-day, time and strike, and is running. This is a very nice-looking clock. Ly-Seth Thomas #2295. $100-$200.

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48.       $150

“Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn.”, one of their earliest City Series clocks, “Cincinnati”, ca 1875. Notice this round top case with straight sides is almost identical to many other cases ST made in those early days. They added the columns and finials and had a new style, using the old style. This case is walnut, stands 16 inches tall, black trim around the base and top and of course the columns and finials that have been repainted at some time. The tablet is a replacement, metal dial repainted, good label, coil gong, old pendulum, and key locking door. There may be a recent cutout for the door latch. The movement is running and striking hours on the gong. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 189. $200-$350.