Clocks 49-54

50.       $50

“New Haven Clock Co., New Haven, Conn.”, banjo clock, “Wayland”, ca 1923. Good looking small banjo but first thing I found, it is missing the tail piece. The case is solid mahogany and very dark, never cleaned. The painting is original, side rails are also solid mahogany, brass eagle on top, brass sash with beveled and bowed glass, and excellent signed porcelain dial. It has an 8-day, backwind movement, and it is running. Ly-New Haven #220. $50-$100.



51.        $75

“New Haven Clock Co., New Haven, Conn.”, miniature banjo clock, “Willis”, ca 1929. The solid mahogany case is 18 inches tall, has decorated panels, brass side rails, brass eagle, brass sash with beveled glass, and a signed and very nice silver dial. The 8-day jeweled lever timepiece winds in the back. It is running. It is near perfect. Ly-New Haven #197. $100-$200.

49.       $50

“Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn.”, wood cased banjo clock, “Danvers”, ca 1928. The nice mahogany case is18 inches tall, clean and nice. The catalogs say this model has a gold border and colored flowers in the panels. I cannot tell there were ever any painted flowers, nor can I tell there was gold paint. I would call it inlaid wood. But what do I know? There is a partial label on the back, good brass sash and flat glass, and a perfect, signed, nickel dial. The 8-day movement winds in back, is lever time, pin escapement. The movement was used in many of ST clocks. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 80. $75-$150.

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52.       $50

Waltham miniature banjo. Solid mahogany case is 20 inches tall, has two excellent painted glasses, George Washington and Mount Vernon. There is a bowed glass in the sash, painted dial with original hands. The key wind 8-day movement did not want to run for me. The only key I found to fit was a two-ended key, the small end. $50-$100.

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53.       $100

Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock, flat top, round base, with a 30-hour time and striking “M” movement. ST used a multitude of different movements in their bevy of 9-inch miniature cottage clocks. The 9-inch-high rosewood case is excellent, the dial was repainted, it has a large brass bell and a perfect label. Seth Thomas, Thomaston is shown on the movement and label. $150-$250.

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54.       $100

Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature 9-inch cottage clock, flat top, round base, “K” movement. The mahogany veneered case is excellent. The movement is signed by ST at Plymouth, Conn., the label is signed by ST at Thomaston, Conn. The dial was repainted, hands are correct, old pendulum and key, and an iron bell. The 30-hour movement is running and striking hours on the bell. There is an alarm movement in the bottom and it rings on the same bell. A complete label is on the back of the case. Normally the labels on the 9-inch clocks are inside the case. $150-$250.