Clocks 438-451
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438.     $25

4 lux cuckoo clocks. 1. Red bird, complete. 2. Bluebird, 3 roses, complete. 3. Red bird, complete. 4. Red bird, nice but 2 of 4 chains missing. $50-$100.


439.     $25

Novelty clock made in the USA, ca 1902. The metal case is 10 ˝ inches high and is all original, except the finish has darkened over time. The finish is still good, just needs cleaning. It needs to be oiled to run. $25-$50.


440.    $25

Novelty clock made in the USA, ca around 1900. Finish is gone, metal is very dirty, 12 inches high, features lady and love birds. Dial paper is soiled. $25-$50.


441.     $25

2 metal novelty clocks. 1. The popular “Columbus Clock”, made by Golden Novelty Mfg. Co., Chicago, ca 1902. It is almost 13 inches tall, very dirty, but is complete. 2. A novelty made in the USA, ca 1905. Signed on the front/base, “VOLUNTEERS”. Missing the glass. $25-$50.


442.     $25

Metal novelty with good finish, featuring cupid. It certainly looks like a novelty that Ansonia would sell, but it is not signed. Stands 7 ˝ inches tall. $25-$50.


443.     $25

3 novelty clocks. 1. Ansonia carriage clock, “Vida”, 30-hour, 5 inches high. 2. German mini novelty with military motif. 3. Novelty celebrating 25th anniversary of the Standard Action Co., Cambridge, Mass. in 1913. $25-$50.


444.    $25

2 novelty clocks. 1. Sundial clock, runs, but needs oiling. 2. Large lady statue, 12 inches tall, with a later German alarm movement. Statue was also made in Germany. $25-$50.


445.     $50

“The Clock Peddler”, originally made in Germany, ca 1880. This is a more modern German made cast iron clock and painted many colors. It may have been repainted since it was first made. The small clock in front is a small 30-hour movement, either Swiss or German and it is running. In his left hand he is carrying a pair of cuckoo weights and chains that would go with the clock. On his back is another clock, for looks only. The piece is 15 inches high. The Clock Peddler has been made in many countries and with many different materials. We notice one sold April 2008 at Bob Schmitt’s auction for $4400. $100-$200.

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446.    $25

Seiko Quartz World Clock, made in Japan. I put a new battery in it and the airplane took off for all the countries of the world. It is in a metal case 8 ˝ inches square and in like new condition. $25-$50.


447.     $150

Junghans stature with mystery swinging clock, ca 1900. Statue is about 12” high and with the swing arm in place it is almost 14” high. The porcelain dial is signed with the Junghans logo and “Germany”. There is damage on the dial at 2 o’clock and the pieces are down in the bottom. I don’t see how you could glue them back, but what do I know. The hands are correct. Bowed glass over the dial, winds and set on the back and it is running properly. The clock and statue are dull, have not been cleaned or polished, and look like all others we have sold over the years, for it is over one hundred years old and has its blemishes. $200-$300.


450.     $50

Waterbury Clock Company carriage clock, “Wanderer”, ca 1908. Nice 4 ˝ inch gold plated case, three beveled glasses, 2-inch porcelain dial, metal back door, one-day movement with half hour strike and repeater. It is running and striking. Overall in very nice condition. Ly-Waterbury #324. $100-$200.


451.      $50

Waterbury Clock Company carriage clock, “Sage”, ca 1906. This gold-plated case is very nice, stands 5 ˝ inches high, 2-inch porcelain dial, has 3 beveled glasses and glass on top. The movement is 8-day, half hour strike, alarm, repeater, and it is running and striking. Ly-Waterbury #318. $100-$200.