Clocks 452-464
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452.     $50

Waterbury Clock Company carriage clock, “Midge”, ca 1909.This gold-plated case is 3 ½ inches tall, clean, no tarnish, complete and original.  The ivory dial is 1 ½ inches and signed, “Newman Clock Co., Chicago”. It is too nice and clean not to be running, as stated previously these small clocks have been in storage for years and just need oiling. It will run a bit and each time I give it a nudge it runs longer. It is one-day, time only. Ly-Waterbury #338. $75-$150.


453.     $50

Waterbury Clock Company carriage clock, “Speck”, ca 1906. Very nice gold-plated case, 3 inches high, beveled glasses, 1-inch ivory dial. Movement is one-day, time only and running. Ly-Waterbury #340. $75-$150.


454.     $50

French carriage clock, ca 1880, signed only, “Made In France” on the 8-day time only movement. The brass case is 5 ½ inches tall, not as clean and polished as the 4 previous Waterbury carriage clocks. The dial and hands are perfect, beveled glasses on 4 sides and on top, two side glasses have small corner fissures. The movement is running. $75-$150.


455.     $25

Pair of metal novelty clocks featuring cupids. One is 12 inches tall, no original finish remaining, 30-hour time only movement, made in Germany. The other was made by Waterbury, is 8 inches tall, also no finish, it is running, the other one does not. $25-$50.


456.     $25

German mini cottage, 9 inches tall. Not sure of the wood, maybe mahogany, has gold trim around the door and base that was poorly touched up. Original glasses, dial, hands, and pendulum. Dial is beginning to flake. Movement is 30-hour and running. $25-$50.


457.     $25

Pair of Seth Thomas Clock Company “Long Alarms”, ca 1910. Dial very dark on one but case is complete and good. Dial on other is good, cases are different colors on the base. Dials and movements are signed. Both need to be oiled, did not run on first try. No time to mess with them. $25-$50.


458.     $25

“One Hand Clock Co., Warren, PA., U.S.A.”, signed on the dial of this One Hand clock dial. The dial is dark and soiled, surely exposed to a lot of smoke, otherwise nothing else could touch the dial. The company began business after World War I and ceased operations in 1935 when the president died. They made the clocks using Wm. L. Gilbert 30-hour spring movements. I have sold 3-4 of the 10” and 12” dial size, one or two with 9-inch dials, but never one this small, 6 ½ inch dial. I have sold one with Benjamin Franklin's picture on the dial. It is running but may need oil. The base is one of the nicest I have had. $50-$100.


460.    $25

3 Golden Hour clocks. One is not working, two are. Cases are bright and clean on the end ones, middle one is slightly tarnished on the base. $25-$50.

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461.     $25

3 novelty clocks. 1. Metal clock, 12 ½ inches high, case signed, “Warner / Copyright / 1909”, one-day movement is running. 2. New Haven Clock Co. 8-day, 12 ½ inches high, great porcelain dial is signed, movement not running. 3. Clock with jewelry box base, 10 ½ inches high, signed only, “Made In USA”, one-day time only movement is running. $25-$50.


462.     $50

4 miniature New Haven Clock Co. porcelain clocks, all are one-day movements, time only, and need service. The cases are all in very good condition, no breaks or repairs and range in size from 5 to 6 inches. $50-$100.


463.     $75

2 metal cased mantel clocks. 1. Waterbury Clock Co. “Ino”, ca 1906. Was gold plated when new, now needs cleaning, a lot of the gold still showing. Porcelain panel and porcelain dial, both very good. It stands 11 inches high, is complete and all original. Signed front and back, 8-day movement needs service. 2. New Haven Clock Co. “Mary at the Well, ca 1908. Metal case was originally gold plated, little remains. Good signed porcelain dial, beveled glass and original hands. 8-day movement is running. $100-$200.


464.    $35

Seth Thomas Clock Co. metal mantel clock, “Lodge”, ca 1900. The metal case is 7 inches tall and is complete and original. Originally the front was gold gilt, now more of a copper shade. Metal back door and is back wind. The one-day movement is running and also has an alarm that rings a bell underneath the case. The dial and movement are signed. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 636. $50-$100.

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