Clocks 465-476
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465.     $75

Oswald dog with moving eyes that tell the time. “S” label underneath. One-day movement is running. There is a small tip off the dog’s tail and the ear standing up has been repaired. Not a very good repair, could be made to look better. $75-$150.


466.    $50

2 novelty clocks. 1. German 8-day clock under dome. 6 inches high, very good condition, need service. 2. Ingraham alarm clock, “Roy Rogers & Trigger”. Needs service. $50-$100.


467.     $50

2 novelty clocks. 1 Small German porcelain clock, 7 inches tall, 8-day time only, case is in excellent condition. Movement needs service. 2. Waltham marble case clock, 8-day time only movement is running. Dial signed, has revolving seconds dial on the front. Repair to foot. $50-$100.


468.    $25

2 novelty clocks. 1. The Burroughs Company, “No.48 A Georgian”, modeled after a clock made by Jeromes and Darrow, 6 inches tall, time and alarm, running.  2. Synchronous Electric, 12 inches tall, needs service. $25-$50.


469.     $25

3 novelty clocks. 1. New Haven Clock Co. desk clock, good finish remains on 6-inch-high metal case, signed dial is good, needs service. 2. New Haven Clock Co. better finish than previous, signed dial, 6 inches tall, no winding key to test. 3. German onyx case with German Shepherd dog. Award at dog club. $25-$50.


470.     $50

3 novelty clocks. 1. Music box in silver finished case plays. Beating heard clock runs and stops. As I have said repeatedly, they need oiling. 2. Seth Thomas carriage clock with ocean scenes on the front. Case is 7 inches high, glass on 3 sides, 30-hour time and alarm movement is running. Like all the smalls in this sale they need oil. This clock did not run so I put oil on the escape wheel and it runs. 3.New Haven Clock Co. alarm clock, “The Tattoo / Intermittent”.  Case is very nice, needs service. $50-$100.

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471.      $50

3 Lux alarm clocks. 1. Like new and running. 2. Like new and running, spinning wheel turning. 3. Very nice, needs service. $50-$100.


472.     $25

7 alarm clock types. 1. Gilbert – Peters Shoes, metal case. 2. Waterbury – Dot Alarm, nickel case, running. 3. Westclox, heavy, silver color. 4. Seth Thomas, made in Germany, stylish. 5. New Haven, metal case. 6. New Haven, plastic case. 7. Sessions Clock Co. nickel case, very nice, so nice I wound it, it runs. $50-$100.


473.     $50

3 very nice clocks. 1. German clock mounted in a piece of wood with rope around the wood and used as a hanger. 8-day time only movement is running. Not including the rope, it is 8 inches high. 2. German clock in a wood block, rope hanger, much more attractive than #1. This one is 8-day time and strike. 9 inches high not including rope hanger. 3. German Boulle clock under glass dome. Brass case is 9 ½ inches high with handle up. It is running. $50-$100.


474.     $25

3 electric clocks. 1. United-Self Starting, cowboy, plastic base. 2. United clock, Will Rogers, metal case. 3. Oxford, self-starting, horse and clock on a wood base. I did not test, I doubt any of them work. $25-$50.

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475.     $25

3 novelty clocks. 1. German, chalet, I suspect it may have once had a music box inside.  2. Mastercrafter, “Swinging Playmates”, light burns, clock not running and swings not swinging. 3. Japanese carved owl, moving eyes, has the one weight and pendulum. Did not test. $25-$50.


476.     $25

4 novelty clocks. 1. Large Lux cuckoo, 10 inches plus chains and pendulum. 2. Tape Measure clock, very nice condition and running. 3. Musical alarm, clock works, music does not. 4. Lamp post clock. Did not test for running except tape measure. $25-$50.