Clocks 477-488
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477.     $25

3 novelty clocks. 1. Electric clock, time and alarm, no maker’s name, just “Paris Alarm”, and made in U.S.A. on the dial. 2. Waterbury plush clock, 6 ½ high, 8 ½ wide. 3. Hanging Syroco cased clock, 8-day, time only. Did not test this group. $25-$50.


478.     $25

3 novelty clocks. 1. Donald Duck alarm clock, running, legs move, like new. 2. Seth Thomas desk, deco clock, 8-day time, running, classy clock. 3. German musical alarm clock, very nice, running and music plays. $50-$100.


479.     $25

2 Westclox alarm clocks, Big Ben and Baby Ben, with original boxes. Big Ben was bought October 1930. Both are running. $50-$100.


480.    $50

Horolovar “Flying Pendulum”. The ball and string are flying but I don’t understand the clock part. The hands are moving fast like the ball and string. Needs service. $50-$100.


481.     $50

Swiss glass ball. Dial signed “Tiffany & Co. / Swiss Made”. 8-day movement is signed, “Switzerland / Imhoff / 15 Jewels / Swiss”. It is running. Awarded to an employee of Pan-Am Plant – 1983. $50-$100.


482.     $50

3 novelty clocks with cupids. 1. Waterbury with cupid, 7 inches tall, on onyx base, good signed dial. 2. Waterbury with cupid, some gold gilt remains, porcelain dial ring with hairlines, 6 inches tall. 3. New Haven with cupid, 6 ½ inches tall, dial and case are dark. Did not test any of the 3, no doubt needs service. $50-$100.


483.     $50

2 novelty clocks. 1. New Haven Clock Co., excellent porcelain dial signed two places, beveled glass, and movement that is running. Case is 9 inches tall. 2. New Haven, case is 12 inches tall, finish wearing, some copper shades showing, gold gilt gone. Excellent porcelain dial is signed 2 places. Movement is running. $50-$100.


484.    $50

2 novelty clocks. 1. Westclox metal novelty featuring cupid holding up clock. It is 10 ½ inches tall, fair finish to metal, good signed dial and hands. Runs a bit and quits. Like all 100 or more in this collection just needs oil. 2. Nice metal case with good finish, 11 inches high, and dial is very bad, maker unknown but made in USA, ca 1908. It is running. $50-$100.


485.     $50

2 novelty clocks. 1. Golden Novelty Mfg. Co. man riding a dog, clock is not running, dial signed, case is 9 ½ inches wide, 7 ½ inches high. 2. Sessions Clock Co. miniature tambour clock with 8-day time only movement that is running. Case is 9 ½ inches wide. $50-$100.


486.    $50

3 novelty clocks. 1. Jennings Bros, small metal case only 5 inches high, very good signed porcelain dial, runs a while, needs oiling. 2. Jennings Bros. jewelry case, lift up lid on very nice gold gilt case. Signed dial is excellent, not running, 6 inches high. 3. The Western Clock Mfg. Co. 6-inch gold gilt case, case is still very nice, good dial and hands, not running. $50-$100.


487.     $25

4 novelty clocks. 1. Lux “Medalist” alarm clock, running. 2. Swiss musical alarm clock, it is running, alarm rings on a bell and it plays 2 tunes. 3. New Haven alarm clock, 9-inch nice metal case, very good signed dial, not running. 4. Jennings Bros. desk clock, metal case is 4 ½ inches high, dog resting on top, not running. $25-$50.


488.    $50

Waterbury Clock Co. hanging clock, “Drop Octagon, 8 Inch”, ca 1910. The clean oak case is 19 inches tall, has original glasses, door knob and bezel latch, brass bezel that is tarnished, original dial and hands and the correct 8-day time only movement that is running. The top glass is probably a replacement. Inside is the black Waterbury label. Ly-Waterbury #672. $75-$150.

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