Clocks 489-499
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489.     $50

New Haven Clock Co. hanging clock, “Drop Octagon”, ca 1920. This is the smallest one of that model, stands 18 ¼ inches tall, has an 8-inch dial, and an 8-day time and strike movement. The case is solid oak, has a brass bezel that needs polishing, original dial and hands, and original glasses. The movement is running and striking. Ly-New Haven #620.  $50-$100.


490.     $25 

Atkins Clock Company, Bristol, Conn. “Common Round Top” mantel clock, ca 1873. Always experimenting, always losing money, Atkins made at least a half dozen models of the round top with slight variations.  This clock has some good attributes, an original dial and hands, complete paper label, and original rosewood veneer 17-inch-high case. It is dark, one or both glasses are replacements, although they are old glass. It has an 8-day movement that is running and striking a coil gong. Reference – “The Clocks of Irenus Atkins” by Gregory and King, pages 87-88. $50-$75.


491.      $35

E. Ingraham & Co. wood cased mantel clock, “Garnet”, ca 1886. The walnut case is 20 inches tall, complete and all original. On the base, inside the case is inscribed in the wood the Ingraham name and address. The two-piece dial is not signed but it looks old. The hands, signed gong base, coil gong, pendulum and door glass all look correct and original. The movement runs 8-days and strikes half hours and hours on the Cathedral gong. Ly-Ingraham #911. $50-$100.


492.     $35

“E. N. Welch Mfg. Co. Forestville, Conn.”, wood cased mantel clock, “Assortment A, No.5”, ca 1900. By this date clock companies were producing zillions of cheap mantel clocks in oak and walnut, each trying to outsell the others. Sound familiar? Cases were cut with a jig saw, with etched designs and applied wood or metal ornaments. Alarms or gongs cost more. This walnut case is almost 23 inches tall, all original and complete including the original glass, dial, hands, pendulum, alarm movement, gong and bell. There is no label. Ly-Welch #1314. $50-$100.


493.     $35

Ansonia Clock Co. wood cased mantel clock, “K Assortment, Kensico”, ca 1901. This walnut case is almost 23 inches tall, all original and complete including the glass, pendulum, signed gong base, signed original dial, and 8-day movement that is running and striking half hours on the gong. The case is dark, but very clean. Some of the designs on the class are missing and there is no label. Ly-Ansonia #1911. $50-$75.


494.     $50

Seth Thomas miniature pillar and scroll, “Cambridge”, ca 1928. The mahogany case is 25 inches tall, complete and all original.  It has an 8-day movement that is running and striking a finely tuned gong on half hours and hours. This clock has an original mahogany panel instead of a painted tablet in the bottom of the door. The door has a key lock with key. Top glass is original as is the dial, hands, gong, pendulum, finials, and movement. Ly-Seth Thomas #2236. $50-$100.


495.     $50

Atkins Clock Company, / Bristol, Conn.”, London model shelf clock, ca 1863. A very nice 17” rosewood veneered case with plain columns and a dark/smoky original finish. Wood door knobs and all wood parts are original and in excellent condition. Both glasses have excellent gold foil paint; the painted dial is original, now with some chipped paint. Complete paper label inside and an old brass pendulum bob. It is not a rare case but it has an excellent 8-day movement that is running and striking a coil gong. References about this model and similar models can be found in the book, “The Clocks of Irenus Atkins”, by King and Gregory, page 83. $100-$200.


496.     $50

French marble clock, ca 1890. I could not get a good picture because the marble is so black. Perhaps you can see the porcelain dial and the gold chimney bases, two on each side. The sash is holding a flat glass that has a small chip over the number 10, there is a good one-piece porcelain dial with metal center, and a correct pair of hands. On the back is a brass door. Inside is an 8-day movement signed only, “Medaille D’Argent. It has a correct French pendulum and a standing coil gong. $100-$200.


497.     $35

German steeple clock, in a nicely finished pine case with slant bottom and latching door. It is 15 inches tall, all original and has no repairs or additions. There is no label but the pendulum, nickel bell, and dial and hands are all original. The click is not holding the spring and I was too lazy to pull the dial and move it. The 30-hour movement strikes a nickel bell. $50-$100.


498.     $35

Waterbury Clock Company shelf clock, “O.G. Weight”, ca 1880’s. Mahogany veneered case is 26” high and from all indications is all original, but not without some flaws. There are a few tiny chips or rough places, but overall it is a very nice looking and a sound case. Both glasses are replacements, has an excellent paper label, original dial and hands, and an old bob and winding crank. The original dial has some small flakes around the screws   but overall good for its age. The 30-hour brass movement is weight driven, time and strike. We tested the movement with finger pressure, not with weights, and found the movement to be complete and sound, and should run with the weights in place, but we recommend you check it over before hanging the pair of old iron weights. The movement strikes on a coil gong. Ly-Waterbury, pages 394-397. $50-$100.


499.     $25

German porcelain clock with painted Dutch scenes. The 10-inch-high case is perfect and has no chips, cracks, repairs, etc. The one-day time only movement was used by the previous collector as a decorator item, ran many years ago when he bought it, now needs service. The dial is signed, “Mercedes / Made In Germany”. $50-$100.