Clocks 700-723
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700.           $25

400 Day clock inside a very elaborate wood and brass case. It has a quartz movement requiring an AA battery. It is 10 inches tall and I excellent condition. $50-$100.



701.           $50

Novelty clock signed on the dial and on the back, “Made In Germany”. Metal case is     11 ½ inches tall and is complete, except for whatever finish was on the metal case. The focal point of the clock of course is the deer and its antlers. Fortunately the antlers are all present. The one day movement winds in the back with a big clock type key, and it is running. $50-$100.


702.           $50

Miniature reproduction by the same gentlemen that made #240. The label on the back of this case states, “1982 / Limited Edition / Miniature Freeswinger / R.K. – W.M. / No.36”.  The dial also is signed “1982”. The two men who made several miniature reproductions back in the 1980’s were Rudy Kempler and William (Bill) Mather, a couple of east coast collector entrepreneurs.


703.           $100

“Chelsea Clock Co. / Boston / U. S. Maritime Commission / Ser. No.”, signed on the dial of this nice clock in a Bakelite type case, 7 ¾ across the back, 6 ½ across the top. The dial was originally silver but it is wearing off leaving a copper shade. The 8 day time only movement is running, three hands are original, hinged on the right, and also signed on the back. $150-$300.



704.           $50

“Schatz Ships Bell / Made in Germany”, found on the perfect silver dial of this nice ships bell clock. It is 6 ½ inches wide, signed on the back also, and it is complete and original. The 8 day movement is running and striking ships bells on the half hours. $50-$100.


705.           $50

Tambour clock with a 31 day time and striking movement that is running. The mahogany case is 18 inches wide, has a bowed glass in the bezel, silver dial, original hands and is signed “D&A” on the dial. The movement is not marked in any way, nor is the case. There is ripple like molding around the case base and brass feet underneath. $50-$100.



706.           $25

Nice miniature cuckoo clock, signed on the dial, “K.C.&Co.”. It is one weight, time only, and pendulum is missing. It has a heavy painted wood dial, original hands, chain, and weight. It is running without the pendulum. You can order pendulums. $25-$50.



707.           $25

Lux “Bird Nest”, ca 1935. 6 inches tall, 30 hour movement, shows some fading and aging. $25-$50.


708.           $25

Lux “Bluebird with Six Logs”, ca 1935. 6 inches tall, in very nice condition, colorful. $25-$50.


709.           $25

Lux “Bluebird with Maple Leaves”, ca 1933. 5 inches tall, nice, clean, colorful. $25-$50.


710.           $25

Lux “Lovebirds”, ca 1936.  5 inches tall, very nice, no wear, very colorful. $25-$50.



711.           $25

Lux “Little House with Jagged Edges”, ca 1931. 6 inches tall, also nice and clean, and all are complete and running. $25-$50.


712.           $25

Lux “Bluebird with Three Flowers”, ca 1935. 6 inches tall, clean and colorful. $25-$50.


713.           $25

Lux “Bluebird with Oak Leaves”, ca 1934. 6 inches tall, good original dark green color. $25-$50.



714.           $25

Lux “Swing Bird”, ca 1930. 7 inches tall, excellent condition. I forgot the bird was off when I took the picture. He is on now, clock is great. $25-$50.



715.           $25

Lux “Cuckoo Style”, ca 1937. 7 ½ inches tall, excellent condition. $25-$50.


716.           $25

Lux “Enchanted Forest”, ca 1934. 5 inches tall, very nice condition. $25-$50.


717.           $25

Lux “Checkered Border”, ca 1930. 5 inches tall, very clean. $25-$50.


718.           $25

Lux “Dutch Cottage, 30 hour”. Like new condition, came without weights and chains. $25-$50.


719.           $25

Two clocks. Waltham desk clock, 8 day movement, not running, all original, 10 inches tall.  Hanging metal clock, 12 inches, porcelain dial with multiple lines and small chips. 8 day time only movement is running. Probably German or Swiss made. $50-$100.

jul18_all_11003006.jpg jul18_all_11003005.jpg

720.           $25

Two Seth Thomas electric tambour clocks. The large one is running, the small one does not have a cord connected to the movement. Both have labels, small one is “Talson”, the larger one is, “Lynton”. Large case is 16 ½ inches, small one is 14 inches. $25-$50.


721.           $25

Waterbury Clock Company mantel clock/tambour, ca 1915. Mahogany case is 20 inches wide, excellent porcelain dial, original hands, and sash with bowed glass. The 8 day movement is signed, running and striking a standing gong. The unusual pendulum is a 2 inch cylinder type. Ly-Waterbury #1373. $50-$100.


722.           $25

“Hermle / Quartz / Made In Germany” signed on the dial of this nice novelty clock. It is a nice looking 10 inch high brass cased clock considering it was made in the age of el cheapo clocks. It is running strong on two AA batteries. They were corroding so I pitched them and it is still running. I don’t get it. I also cannot figure out how to stop the pendulum. I will have the shipper figure out how to keep it safe. $50-$100.


723.           $50

Junghans electric clock under glass dome, “Ato”, ca 1934. Brass and glass case is 11 inches tall. Glass frame lifts off to access the movement. The battery is located under the base. The movement is signed and running. $50-$100.