Clocks 724-737
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724.           $50

24 Edison and 1 Columbia cylinder record tubes. There are 6 cylinder record tubes that are empty, 8 with records but no tops, 11 complete. We did not check to see if music listed on the tube or top matched the actual music on the record. No time for that.


725.           $25

“Witches Hat” metal horn for an Edison Gem model phonograph. The horn is in excellent condition, signed by Edison, and has the metal extension rod to mount the horn to the machine. It mounts like #60 in this auction.


726.           $50

F. Kroeber & Co. New York, mantel clock, “Cabinet No.3”, ca 1881. They made this model in different patterns, ours has a porcelain dial with replaced hands. Some small chipping or roughness around the 1 and 8. This 12 ½ inch appears to be walnut with many variations of wood accessories, barley twist columns, balcony and finials on top, applied ornaments on the base, and grooved designs over the front. The movement is 8 day, running, and striking a large gong. It has a metal back cover over the movement opening. A label on the back merely says, “Cabinet No. 3”. Ly-Kroeber #309. $75-$150.



727.           $60

F. Kroeber, New York, mantel clock, “Pacific”, ca 1883. This is a model not commonly seen and in fact I have never sold one. Kroeber advertised that the 22 inch high case was made of “Redwood”. It does definitely have a red tint and the wood is not one I have seen before. On the back is a complete label, the gong base and beat scale are both signed by Kroeber. The glass is original, the dial is a paper replacement, and the pendulum is a Waterbury pendulum, not Kroeber. The 8 day movement is running and striking the gong each hour.  Ly-Kroeber, page 324. $75-$150.


728.           $60

Ansonia Clock Co. mantel clock, “Julia”, ca 1883. The name does not fit the case. Note the Egyptian metal ornaments, three on top, one on the base, plus the brass/gold pendulum has an Egyptian look about it. The original gold painted glass also fits in with the metal ornaments. There is part of a label on the back, it has an old dial, signed gong base and signed beat scale. The 8 day movement is running and striking hours on the coil gong. The 20 inch high walnut case has etched designs on the front pieces and is clean and very nice. Another unusual clock I have not seen before. Ly-Ansonia #1852.  $75-$150.



729.           $60

F. Kroeber, New York, mantel clock, “Topeka”, ca 1877. The 23 inch high walnut case is clean and polished, all original including the painted door glass and dial. The pendulum is signed on the back and the glass front type that lets you regulate slow-fast. The pendulum is probably worth almost as much as our minimum bid. No labels and the paper dial is not signed. The 8 day movement however is signed, is running and striking half hours and hours on a Cathedral gong with a brass base. Actually this is a special clock due to the design and unusual case work. Ly-Kroeber #1158. $75-$150.



730.           $60

Ansonia Clock Co. mantel clock, “Epsom”, ca 1883. The18 inch high walnut case is near perfect, as far as most of its parts. It is smoky dark even after someone took off some of the black. It just needs a little more cleaning, and then polish. The glass is like the one in the catalogs, and still almost perfect. I am guessing the dial is a replacement, nickel bell and 8 day movement are proper for the clock. Great label on the back, and it has an old pendulum and key. Ly-Ansonia #1754. $75-$150.



731.           $75

F. Kroeber, New York, mantel clock, “Parisian”, ca 1875. The very nice walnut case is 23 inches tall, has a replaced glass but otherwise I believe it is all original. Even the label on the back is exceptionally nice, same with the pendulum, original dial although wearing on the bottom half, hands, nickel bell and nickel dial rings. A very nice clock. Ly-Kroeber, page 328. $100-$200.



732.           $75

“H. J. Davies, New York / Arch Top Extra / 1 and 8-Day Strike”, copied from the complete label on the back of this early shelf clock, ca 1873. No mention in the book, “Clockmakers & Watchmakers of America” that Davies was in business by himself in New York. He was in a partnership for a year. This 16 inch walnut shelf clock is near perfect, has carved attachments top and bottom, half columns on the front edges, removable door below the dial to access the pendulum. Everything about the clock appears to be original but the inner section of the dial is funky. Not sure if it was paper or paint. Hands are replacements. The 8 day movement is running and striking a coil gong. $100-$200.



733.           $60

“Ansonia Clock Co. Factories New York & Ansonia U.S.A.”, copied from the label on the back of this parlor clock.  The walnut case is 21 inches tall, has carved pieces top to bottom, original glass, replaced paper dial and hands. According to the label this clock might have originally had a self-adjusting pendulum. Has a very nice pendulum but not self-adjusting. The signed movement runs 8 days and strikes a signed coil gong.  $75-$150.


734.           $25

German – Singing Bird Clock automaton, ca 1990. The brass case stands 13 inches high, winds and sets underneath. The bird moves but the music is not playing. Above my pay grade or I would take the bottom off and find out why it is not playing. It is signed underneath, “Made In Germany”. $25-$50.



735.           $50

A reproduction of Bradley & Hubbard’s 30 hour blinking eye clock, ca1855. This model is called “Continental”. The cases are cast iron, stamped underneath the base, “Germany1858”. The clock is running and the eyes are blinking. It is 10 inches tall, the originals were mostly 16 inches tall. $50-$100.


736.           $25

A copy of Bradley & Hubbard’s blinking eye clock, “Topsy, ca 1865. Most of the Topsy clocks I have seen featured African American females. I cannot say if this one was black originally but it has definitely been repainted from some original color. Made of iron it stands 11 ½ inches tall where the originals were 17 inches tall. The clock is not running and the eyes are not blinking, but it is complete. Signed on the base, “Germany 1858”. $25-$50.


737.           $75

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Column”, ca 1850. This column case has the OG design on the front, top, and base. Gold columns, old glasses, original repainted metal dial, correct hands, pendulum, complete label, and a pair of old iron weights. The 30 hour brass movement is signed, “S.Thomas / Plymouth, Conn.”. The mahogany veneered case is 25” high, in excellent original condition, clean and polished. I would have obtained a 3rd mortgage on my house to buy this clock in the 1970’s. Heavens to Betsy, it is 170 years old and near perfect. I could sell the parts on EBay for twice the minimum, or donate it to the local Historical Society and take $500 of my taxes. Talk about a wedding present this would be perfect. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 521. $100-$150.