Clocks 900-909
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900.           $500

All parts that came from a rare Southern Calendar Clock Co. “Fashion No. 6 case. This is the black dial model that sells for $3000 to $5000. All the parts are present to build a black dial clock except the pendulum and calendar hand. Both dials are in their wood surrounds. Note the veneer loss above the time dial. There are nickel dial rings, three nickel hands for the time dial, calendar hand is missing, 8 day signed time movement, calendar movement, Cathedral gong, nickel beat scale, door lock, and pendulum stick that is broken. All the attachments are on the calendar movement that attach to the time movement. Buy any of these parts separately and you are talking some substantial money. $750-$1000.


901.           $400

Seth Thomas ships clock, with advertising on the dial, “Albina Engine & Machine Works Inc. / Portland, Oregon. U.S.A.” The 8 day movement is double wind, time only, and is running. The bezels are 8 ½ inches, the painted dial is 6 ¾ inches. Everything looks to be original, shows normal wear and tear for the age of the clock. Earliest repair date on the back of the clock is “1930”. I figure it is ca 1921. $500-$750.


902.           $70

Advertising “Ingersoll Watches” on a brass swing arm. It was used in Jewelry stores many moons ago to hang or display watches. It is 14 ½ inches, very dark and has never been cleaned. I had to lighten the picture considerably so you could read the advertising. $100-$200.


903.           $15

Wood thermometer advertising “The Mutual Home and Savings Association / Largest in Dayton”. It is 18 inches long, has minor paint loss, and the thermometer is working. Ca 1920’s. $25-$50.


904.           $15

Advertising thermometer, ca 1920’s. Adv. For, “Wilson’s CO-RE-GA Powdered / The Perfect adhesive for Dentures”. 3 ½ inches in diameter. $25-$50.


905.           $95

Bowie knife, not one design or a single kind of knife, but a series of knives made and improved over the years by Jim Bowie. The blade of this knife is 6 inches, including the bone handle is 10 inches. Like most it is engraved on the blade, “Original Bowie Knife”. On the other side it is engraved, “Solingen 53”. We notice the Bowie knives are traded on EBay all the time. $100-$150.


906.           $35

Single blade Case XXUSA, yellow handles, used very little. 3 ½ inch blade.


907.           $95

3 blade Tree Brand German Boker Solingen knive in very good condition.


908.           $125

Elgin Watch Co., Elgin, Illinois, “B.W. Raymond, 16 size, 21 jewels, nickel plate movement is running, screw back and bezel, 8 adjustments, open face case and Arabic numeral, double sunk, white enamel dial with blued steel spade and poker hands, serial #796036. Base metal case with engraved train on the back. $150-$250.


909.     $5

Six books:  Revolution in Time, David S. Landes, 1983; Watch & Clock Encyclopedia, Donald deCarle, 1977 (two copies); Watchmakers & Clockmakers of the World, Vol. 1, G.H. Baillie, 1988; American Clocks and Clock Makers, Carl W. Drepperd, 1958; Time & Timekeepers, Willis I. Milham, 1942.


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