Clocks 278-304
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278.           $450

“Seth Thomas Clock Co. Thomaston, Conn.”, metal case alarm clock, “Vigil”, ca 1909. This is a new one to me, don’t believe I have ever sold or seen this model before. Described as having artistic design the 12 ˝ inch high case has the best rich gold finish I have ever seen on a clock this old. I believe it is a basket of flowers at the top and a female with long flowing hair on the base with other flowers and vines flowing all over the case front. The sides and back also have an excellent gold finish over flower like designs. There is a metal back door signed, “ST”. The original dial is also excellent and is signed. The hands and pendulum are the correct type. The 8-day time and alarm movement is signed, clean, running, and striking an alarm bell. Ly-Seth Thomas, #24. $500-$750.



279.           $350

Lenzkirsch RA wall clock, ca 1880. Walnut veneered case is 33” tall, carved top and tail, finials top and bottom, three glasses, and ebony trim on the top, base, finials, and case edges. Two-piece porcelain dial, porcelain RA bob insert, and porcelain beat scale. The hands are fancy, bob is brass and nickel, and an old key is included. The brass 8-day movement is mounted to a brass backboard mounting bracket. The bracket is signed, “D.R.P. / 9 Feb 1878”. A coil gong is mounted to the same bracket. The movement is signed, “Lenzkirsch / A.U.G. / 304682”.  This clock is similar to many others pictured and written about in the book, “Lenzkirsch Clocks / The Unsigned Story”, by George A. Everett. $400-$600.



280.           $125

German RA wall clock. A lot of good things, very few negatives. The walnut case is 30 inches high, nice woodwork from top to bottom, it has some applied crossed arrows trademark, ornaments top and bottom, otherwise is a pretty plain clock. Two-piece porcelain dial, good pair of hands, nice brass pendulum bob, porcelain beat scale in the bottom, and an old key. It has three good glasses, and a door hook. 8-day movement is time only and running. $150-$300.



281.           $300

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. porcelain mantel clock, ca 1898. This is a very rare model for it is both a German made case with a “Royal Bonn Germany” case marking, but was also decorated with Majolica bright color glazes. Several years ago the Majolica decorated cases where extremely hard to find. This is the first one I have had in over 20 years. It was fired with the various colored glazes on the Royal Bonn case, giving it a slightly bright sheen. I can find no chips, cracks or repairs to the case. Appears to be perfect. It is 14 inches tall, has the typical brass sash with beveled glass over the one-piece porcelain dial. The hands are original and the dial has painted flowers below the 12. The 8-day movement is signed by Gilbert, is running and striking a coil gong. A brass hinged door covers the movement opening. This one is a keeper. $400-$600.



282.           $300

Colonial Mfg. Co. / Zeeland, Mich. U.S.A.”, ca 1920’s. The 70-inch case is made of solid Honduras Mahogany, as are most all Colonial cases. It is in very nice original condition top to bottom. It has a good original glass, door knobs, door hooks, and the bonnet slides off to access the 8-day, time and Westminster striking movement. It strikes several long iron rods, and a wind-up movement that is running and striking quarter hours and hours. It has original wooden pendulum, and a colorful dial that is 12 ˝” square. The dial has engraved designs on the four corners, raised numerals on the nickel dial ring and covered    with black paint. The dial is signed as we show on the first line. A perfect sized clock for modern homes with 8-foot ceilings. $300-$500.


300.           $75

“E. N. Welch Mfg. Co., Forestville, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock, octagon top, OG base, time only 30-hour movement. The mahogany veneered case is 9 3/8 inches tall, has a correct door latch, two original glasses and the veneer is in near perfect condition. The dial has been repainted, perfect backboard label, and has the correct hands and pendulum. Reference-Ly Welch, Second Edition. $100-$150.


301.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Plymouth Hollow, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock, octagon top, OG base, with correct door latch, and excellent rosewood veneer. The case is only 9-inches tall, has a new bottom glass, repainted dial, correct hands and pendulum, and a perfect backboard label. This case has their “C movement”, and the movement is signed Plymouth Hollow. It is 30-hour time and alarm. Ly-Seth Thomas #628. $100-$200.


302.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock with a round top, ca 1886. The rosewood veneered case stands 9-inches tall and is near perfect. Correct door latch, repainted dial, correct hands and pendulum, and perfect backboard label. The bezel now has a copper tint as the gold was cleaned off. The 30-hour time and striking model “J” movement runs 30-hours and strikes on an iron bell and has a Plymouth Hollow signature. Super little clocks from this collector. $100-$200.


303.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature 9-inch cottage clock with round top, ca 1886. This case contains their “M” movement which is a 30-day time and striking movement. The nice backboard label and the movement are signed “Thomaston, Conn.” The dial has been repainted, hands, pendulum, and door latch are correct. Like all of this collector’s clocks, it is in running condition. Case is the same as #302 above, but the movement is shown in Ly-Seth Thomas #679. $100-$200.


304.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature 9-inch rosewood veneered case, ca 1886. Same style case as the two previous clocks but this case has a “P-Type” 30-hour time and alarm movement. The backboard label and the movement are signed “Thomaston, Conn”. The door latch, brass bezel, brass alarm bell, brass pendulum, repainted dial, are all correct and no doubt original stock. The hands are probably replacements. See the movement at Ly-Seth Thomas #684. $100-$200.