Clocks 305-314

305.           $50

“E. N. Welch, Forestville, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock. This Welch case is only 9-inches tall, probably made with mahogany veneer, has not been cleaned as most of this large group of clocks were, but is dark especially on the sides and has a small hole on one side. Door latch does not appear to be correct, glasses are original and has the gold around them which is original. Good dial has minor chipping, excellent paper label and pendulum. The 30-hour time only movement is running. $50-$100.



306.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Plymouth Hollow”, miniature cottage clock, ca 1860. This 9-inch-high rosewood veneered case has a few veneer chips on the base-sides but otherwise is very nice. Not only is it an octagon top model it is octagon veneered around the dial. The dial has been repainted, has new ST hands, good label inside, good glasses, door latch, and brass pendulum. The movement in this case is their “B-Type”, 30-hour time only, and is running. Ly-Seth Thomas #625 and #628. $100-$200.


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307.           $75

“Seth Thomas, Plymouth Hollow, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock with octagon top, ca 1860. The special thing about this case is the octagon rosewood trim around the dial. The glasses, door knob, pendulum bob and complete paper label are all original to the case. The dial also appears to be original with a little touch up around the screw holes. This clock movement is their “C-Type”, 30-hour time and alarm. The alarm rings on a large iron bell. Both the movement and label say, “Plymouth Hollow”, which means it is earlier than if it said, “Thomaston”. Ly-Seth Thomas #624 and #629. $100-$200.


308.           $100

New Haven Clock Co. wood cased mantel clock, “Guide”, ca 1880. The extra nice rosewood veneered case is 17 inches tall, has original door latch on the bottom glass frame and it opens the entire front although it appears it would only open the bottom glass section. Around the front of the case are half columns. There has been some rebacking around the original tablet. The grapes did not flake, only the off-white surround. There is no label and never was. The backboard is paper covered, but is not a label. The dial is original with a few tiny touch-up places. I cannot vouch for the pendulum bob or hands, but the wire gong, dial pan and 8-day time and strike movement are original. Ly-New Haven #1217. $100-$200.



309.           $100

“E. N. Welch Mfg. Co. Forestville, Conn.”, mantel clock, ca 1870. I do not see this clock pictured in Ly-Welch. The only clock close to it are some ripple clocks. This excellent rosewood veneered case is 18 ½ inches tall and like #308 the whole front opens by turning the latch on the lower glass frame. The unusual glass tablet is original, the label inside is complete and the paper dial is new. This clock has two movements, eight-day time, strike, and an alarm movement. The alarm rings on the coil gong as does the hourly strike. This case is really attractive. $100-$200.


310.           $75

Junghans, Germany, mantel clock, very similar to the American clocks #308 and #309. The case appears to be made of walnut veneer over some of their native woods. It is even veneered inside to cover their native wood. The glasses are original, so is the painted metal dial, door latch, coil gong and the signed 8-day time and striking movement. Most German clocks usually have a serial number or at least a clock number inside the case or on the back. This one is inside on the base and says, “7400 F8”. It has an interesting painted tablet and has very little veneer troubles. $100-$200.


311.           $100

Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn. cottage clock, “Tudor No. 2”, an extremely rare model, ca 1879. Seth made several variations of the Tudor models, this being the rarest. It is not pictured in Ly-Seth Thomas books. The super rosewood veneered case is 15 inches tall, has the original door latch and two original glasses. The gold trim around the glasses has been redone. The dial was repainted, has ST hands, coil gong, perfect label, and an 8-day time and strike movement that is running. Only one small glitch, a nick on the back edge of the case top. $150-$300.



312.           $75

Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn., “Tudor No. 1” cottage clock, ca 1879. Note the similarities between #311, #312, #313, and many other Seth Thomas cottage clocks. This excellent rosewood veneered case is 15 inches tall (ST called it 16 inches tall) and like the other models has the round top and rounded base. This model has a key lock on the side, with key, and an old original glass. The dial pan has been repainted (90% of the dials in this 350-clock collection were repainted), it has replaced ST hands, iron bell, coil gong and independent alarm movement. The paper label is complete and the brass pendulum bob is correct. The 8-day movement is running, striking the coil gong each hour and the alarm rings on the iron bell. Ly-Seth Thomas #665. $100-$200.



313.           $75

Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn., “Tudor No.  3” cottage clock, ca 1879. This rosewood veneered case is 12 inches tall, and like the others, near perfect. Door latch in front, rounded veneered bezel, and unlike the other Tudor models, the label is on the back of the door. It has a repainted dial, ST hands, coil gong, and an 8-day time and strike movement that is running. Folks, they don’t come any nicer. Ly-Seth Thomas #662. $100-$200.


314.           $75

“E. Ingraham & Co., Bristol. Conn.”, one of the Venetian family of shelf clock, this one is the “Small Venetian” or miniature as it is only 11 and 7/8 inches tall. There is one smaller yet, at 11 and 9/16 inches high. The two small models have gilted columns. It appears the gold on the lower glass held good but the black chipped off, so it has been rebacked with black paint. The dial is new paper, hands replaced, good label inside, brass pendulum, coil gong, and a 30-hour time and strike movement that is running. Ly-Ingraham #831. $100-$200.